Wakokin Rarara

Sabuwar Wakar Dauda Rarara Kahutu Dodo Allah maimaita Matawalle.

Zafafan wakokin Rarara Audio Mp3.

Popular political singer Alhaji Dauda Kahutu Rarara has released a new song for the state governorship candidate, Matawalle who is running for the APC in the 2023 general election.

The governor of Matawalle is the one who is called a monster because he has done impressive work in Zamfara state. The governor is popular among the poor.

Also, the singer is more suitable for his song and sings for him for a reason because our main goal is to see those who are trying to bring the people’s  forward in the community.


Sabuwar Wakar Dauda Rarara Dodo Allah maimaita Matawalle.

Another work of his is the singer Rarara who sang the song titled “Dodo” for him. God repeats the reason why the people of Zamfara are the only ones who want him.

He said that the chartering of the chattels is almost completed, with one or two places left. In addition, the agency has trained 60,000 teachers who will further train statisticians and observers.

In a document titled “Problems for the implementation of the 2023 Population and Housing Census,” the NPC requested the release of a budget of 31 billion Naira allocated from the 2023 budget for program activities. The total cost after reviewing the roads is estimated at 546.72 billion Naira.

Kwarra also requested an additional 225.2 billion naira to provide allowances for training and field work, to retrain trainers, and to conduct the second grade test.

President Tinubu was requested to approve and call a meeting of stakeholders, non-governmental organizations and foreign partners to raise funds for the census.

Kwarra informed the president about the development of information in Nigeria, which can help in planning the country, providing infrastructure, and generating government revenue.

He explained the potential of NPC to generate 14 billion dollars and save a lot of resources for the community by controlling the economic system by 2028.

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