Wakokin Siyasa

Sabbin Wakokin Tijjani Gandu Audios MP3.

The new song of NNPP Ga Madugun is coming, the song of Tijjani Gandu, the singer Kwankwasiyya, this song really touched people’s hearts, there is nothing like Kwankwasiyya’s song because it contains many lessons.

Some even say that all the songs of Tijjani Gandu Babu, the song is very enjoyable because there is a lot of talent in it.From all indications, the NNPP is one of the parties that has the majority and the majority of the people.

Musician Tijjani Gandu who is best known as Kwanwasiyya singer expressed his happiness to see how men and women show love to the host Dr Rabi,u Musa Kwankwaso.


Taliya Bata zabe sabuwar Wakar Tijjani Gangu Audio.


Sabuwar Wakar Tijjani Gandu daraja dai daraja


Sabuwar Wakar Tijjani Gandu dukan ruwa


Sabuwar Wakar Tijjani Gandu ana Dara.

Tijjani gandu testified that there is no running, there is no retreat in Nigeria except for the good leader Alhaji Rabi,u Musa Kwankwaso, the presidential candidate under the most greatad perty nnpp.


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