The Minister of Information Explained The Duties That The President Has Obliged Him To Do.

The Minister of Information Explained The Duties That The President Has Obliged Him To Do

The Minister of Information and Outreach, Alhaji Mohammed Idris, said that President Bola Tinubu has entrusted him with the responsibility of emphasizing the influence of patriotism, honesty and the elimination of corruption, as good values ​​that his government will uphold. on their way.

The Minister stated this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), in Abuja.

He said the Fata Nagari Lamiri agenda that President Tinubu came to power with, is a good intention to elevate Nigeria to the peak of success and development in the major countries of the world, erasing the black paint that is seen on the body of this country.

Idris said that Tinubu has trained me to ensure that we have succeeded in educating Nigerians in the next few years, so that at least we can regain the value and prestige of this country, and begin to build on the good path it has taken. better to follow.

“This is a big challenge. Because you know that ethics and jealousy are not only in the hearts of young people, but also in the hearts of children and adults.

“I think that is the reason why the president changed the name of the Ministry of Information and Cultural Development to the Ministry of Information and Outreach.

“That’s what the president wants to do to raise awareness and instill patriotism in the forefront,” said Idris.

The minister added that the effect of patriotism, work and honesty that Tinubu has been talking about is motivation and inspiration.

“He gave us a direct command to ensure that these good morals and virtues are central to the effort to educate the majority of Nigerians.”


The Governor of Jigawa state, Malam Umar Namadi, has launched the distribution of support for 1500 young men with an investment of 50,000 thousand so that they can rely on themselves.

The governor also approved the recruitment of over 1,900 teachers from Primary and Junior High Schools to Senior High Schools.

In the same way, the Governor has approved the 100% increase in the scholarship.

He also agreed to give three thousand (3000) temporary jobs to J-Teach teachers.

May God bless His Highness the Governor, may God grant him the ability to develop other programs that will develop Jigawa State, Amen.

Amb Muhammad Salisu Seeker
Special Assistant to the Governor of Jigawa State in the field of printing and photography.

The Governor of Jigawa State, Alhaji Umar Namadi, has agreed to reinstate 3000 J-teach School Teachers.

The Governor of Jigawa State, Malam Umar Namadi, has made 3,000 teachers under J-Teach regular teachers who teach in the state’s schools.

The governor did this to give more importance to the education sector across the state. If you have not forgotten, yesterday the Governor paid a surprise visit to some schools to see how students are being taught across the state.

Amb Muhammad Salisu Seeker
Special Assistant to the Governor of Jigawa State in the field of printing and photography.



What Stopped the Chairman of Danmusa Local Government from Launching the Security Officers You Sent to Him?

From Zakiyu Mani Mara, Danmusa

We want the Chairman of Danmusa local government to check on the new staff that you have sent to us, what is he waiting for that has not yet been launched after knowing that the chairman of Danmusa local government is one of the areas that have security problems in the state Katsina?

We are calling on Dr. Dikko Umar Radda to help investigate the situation of Dan Musa Local Government regarding these new employees because we have not yet launched them and we know that you have sent them where they should be.

If he can’t do the work that the poor people want, then we ask that he be changed for us.


A man from Banga lost his life due to a ambush by gunmen in Niger State

God has blessed one of our heroes from Mariga Local Government, Audu son of Auta Kotonkoro to die, as a result of the ambush by the bandits this morning, on his way to the farm with his colleagues.

This servant of God is known for his good behavior and respect for the community, and he is a warrior who cuts doubts, who in all the fights with bandits with him, it is estimated that he alone killed more than thirty bandits. Because no matter how hard the fight is, he doesn’t run away.

We have suffered a great loss in this situation where we need heroes who can take their lives, a loss that is difficult to fill.

O Allah, have mercy on this servant of yours, shine light on his fault, and forgive his fault.

By Zakari Adamu Kontagora



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