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Dj Ab ft Feezy Haske Official video &Audio.

Haske Dj Ab wakokin Dj Ab masu dadi sosai.

Where the fans of Dj Ab’s songs, today he released a new song called Light, a song that brings joy and happiness to all the fans of Dj Ab’s songs, are you ready to listen to this new song to get every color of happiness.

DJ Ab declared this song as the most joyful song among all his songs and he added that there is no doubt that he is here to create his new album different from all his previous songs for the happiness of your fans.

Haske song is a song that the listeners confirmed that it is the first song that impresses all the listeners among the new songs of this new year because the song contains different words for each type of song.


Dj Ab Haske ft Feezy official video & audio.

Lovers of Dj Ab’s songs, are you ready to get happiness from this song, this is the best song of all, it gives happiness and comfort to all the listeners to remove all sadness from the heart, a light song that illuminates the heart.

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