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Do not enter the forest yourself to fight gunmen” – Dr. Abdullahi Mahuta’s message to Katsina State Governor Dikko Radda

Do not enter the forest yourself to fight gunmen” – Dr. Abdullahi Mahuta’s message to Katsina State Governor Dikko Radda

Northern Continent has seen a text posted by Dr. Abdullahi I Mahuta on his Facebook page in which he advised Katsina State Governor Malamzi Diko Rada Dikko Raddda) do not go into the forest to fight the bandits targeting him. This is what he said;

I write this because the Honorable Governor was recently interviewed on BBC Radio. In this interview, the governor emphasized his intention to follow the security forces into the forest and join him in the fight against these terrorists.

Anyone who thinks of the steps Dr. Dicko Lada has begun to take so far to end the security problem in Katsina State, I don’t think there is any doubt about his intentions and commitment.

That’s why I called the governor and reminded him, sir, you should not take up arms and go into the forest; that is not befitting of a leader. Sayida Abubakar is reported to have said that “the driving force of a country is the wisdom of its elders and the strength of its youth.”

Now all you have to do is use the knowledge, wisdom, and skills God has given you to find and plan a solution to this problem, just as you are starting to do now. The actual implementation in Amman; the actual implementation of forest warfare, which is a special training for teenagers and other security personnel.

Sir, if you are in the army, at the age of 55, you will become a general. Generals do not participate in wars. They remain in the command center and coordinate what happens in the field.

We understand your passion for your people; we share your concerns, but please don’t go into the woods right away. We know the promise you made during the campaign that you would personally enter the forest, so I forgive that promise.

May God put an end to this problem in our country.


The Governor of Jigawa State, Malam Umar Namadi, has received the invitation of the Minister of Agriculture of Nigeria

…The National Ministry of Agriculture has honored Governor Namadi as the champion governor who has improved the agricultural sector in Nigeria.

Jigawa State Governor Malam Umar A. Namadi FCA today Thursday 12-10-2023 hosted the delegation of the Minister of Agriculture and Food Quality Senator Abubakar Kyari at the Government House in Dutse.

The Minister explained the reason for the visit as the fulfillment of the President’s resolution to provide quality food and develop the agricultural sector and provide jobs to the youth through Agriculture and Jigawa State is one of the important states where this Wheat Farming program will be conducted.

Governor Namadi thanked the President and the Minister and his team members for the tour of the places where this program will be conducted and for choosing Jigawa State which the Minister did to conduct this program. The Governor assured the Minister that God willing the people of Jigawa State will not shame the Federal Government and the Minister.

After a hundred years of darkness, Governor Maimala provides electricity to Njibulwa area in Gurani Local Government Area of ​​Yobe State

Ibrahim Baba Saleh

Njibulwa town in Gurani local government of Yobe State was filled with cheers and cheers when Governor Mai Mala Buni gave them electricity for the first time after living in darkness for a hundred years.

In recent years, business has been slow in these areas due to a lack of electricity, and although generators are used in some places, this does not stop residents in the area from traveling through neighboring towns in search of ice during fasting periods.

But when Governor Maimara went to Gulani to pay his condolences, he received requests for power shortage in the Njibulwa area and he assured them that he would fulfill their wishes.

Governor Maimara immediately ordered the Yobe State Rural Electricity Board (REB) to do everything possible to ensure power supply in the Ngibulwa area.

While expressing their gratitude and praying for the well-being of Governor Maimara, the people of the Njibulwa region said their happiness is unparalleled because of the progress they have made.

The General Manager, Rural Power Development, Yobe State, Engineer in charge of power supply, Umara Mustapha Goniri, expressed her gratitude to Governor Mai Mala for giving them the opportunity to supply electricity.

Engineer Mustapha Goniri said the electricity production would help develop the region’s economy and other infrastructure.

Ibrahim Baba Saleh
Senior Special Assistant,
Journalism and Public Relations

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