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There was darkness in Katsina, Kano and Jigawa states as a result of the strike by KEDCO electricity workers today.

The KEDCO electricity company is on strike

There was darkness in Katsina, Kano and Jigawa states as a result of the strike by KEDCO electricity workers today.

The employees of the electricity distribution company in Kano region, which includes the states of Kano, Katsina and Jigawa, that is KEDCO for short, went on strike and closed their offices in these states.

In a statement obtained by Katsina Reporters which was released today by the KEDCO electricity company, it was revealed that their employees supported the National Union of Electricity Employees (NUEE). It is behind, in participating in the strike, non-payment of some rights of the workers related to the welfare and well-being of the workers, which have been cleared for more than 6 years without being paid.

However, the company stated that they are struggling to overcome the problem without delay

Some of the workers in some of the offices where they work, have hung boxes in the offices, where they show that some pensioners of the Power Union owe 72 months of salary and other complaints that they are angry about.

Do you have electricity in your current areas or are you in the dark now?


Kwankwaso’s advice to Kano brides and grooms: “Don’t check each other’s phones so they don’t ruin you and your marriage.

Everyone Has To Check Her Husband’s Phone Or His Wife’s Phone Because Doing So Is One Of The Problems In Marriage In This Country, Kwankwaso’s Advice For Married People In Kano

In another advisory and warning, former Kano State Governor Rabiu has advised the 1,500 couples in Kano who are marrying widows not to focus on searching the groom’s or groom’s mobile phone.

Kwankwaso, leader of the Kwankwasiyya Party and NNPP presidential candidate in the 2023 elections, said the number of phone searches by couples is the number one reason for divorce.

Former Defense Minister Kwankwaso gave this advice on Friday at a gathering organized by the Kano State Government for the bride and groom at a public forum at the Government House, Kano on Saturday.

Earlier on Friday, Governor Abba Yusuf acted as guardian of widows’ weddings, which were held simultaneously in 44 local governments in Kano State.

At that time, 1,800 couples planned to get married at one time, but 200 couples were unable to do so due to health reasons.

Speaking at the gathering, Kwankwaso said checking mobile phones of married couples was one of the leading causes of couple deaths.

So he warned them, advised them, and advised them to keep their marriage a secret by avoiding checking each other’s phones.

“I’m sure you’ve received nearly a thousand different suggestions, tips, and warnings. Teachers, parents, your family, and even businessmen have all given you advice on how to have a peaceful marriage.

“But I have one suggestion, don’t spy on each other’s phones because doing so will kill many marriages,” Kwankwaso said.

He later commended Kano Governor Abba Yusuf for his efforts in organizing the grand widow’s wedding in Kano.

He also commended the Kano government for spending N700 million to sponsor 600 students to study in different universities abroad.

In his speech, Governor Aba said the Kano State Government had assumed the responsibility of organizing the wedding, paid dowries for each groom’s and bride’s rooms, including the best food, and provided each bride with 20,000 naira Investment support. Start a business to lower the cost of living for married families.

He then trained them to live in peace with each other in the path of Islam.

Abba said 30 couples were selected from each of the 44 local governments in the state.

In his speech, Hisbah Council Chairman Aminu Daurawa said 1,500 weddings were held on Friday.

He said that 264 people were unable to get married due to illness and would get married after completing treatment in the near future.

Darawa advised them to incorporate the fear of God into their marital relationship.

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