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Burina sabuwar Wakar Hamisu Breaker 2023.

Burina sabuwar Wakar Hamisu breaker.

One of the most famous Hausa singers, Hamisu Breaker, has released a new song with the title of [Burina] a song that brings joy and comfort to all Hausa music listeners who are excited to find lasting happiness.

Hamisu Breaker said that this song is the first song before the release of his original album this year as he brings his own music albums every year to make our music lovers happy.

This is how he gives his love more patience for the lack of his music album coming on time, we have definitely prepared for you some very interesting songs, different from our other previous music albums, according to the singer Hamisu Breaker to all his fans.


Sabuwar Wakar Hamisu Breaker Burina official Audio Mp3 2023.

The singer added that there is nothing in the world that we love like your happiness, your happiness is what gives us the strength to bring new songs for your happiness were always proud of you thanks for motivating us.

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