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Katsina State House of Assembly has confirmed Alh Isyaku Muhammad as the new head of the Katsina State Tax Collection Commission.

Then I saw the backs of the bandits who, by the sanction of God, attacked my state Governor Katsina


Dikko Umaru Radda, the governor of Katsina in northwestern Nigeria, says he could sacrifice his life to end the banditry problem plaguing his state.

In an interview with the BBC, Governor Rada said that the security services are the most important and they understand this, which is why the law was enacted to create voluntary forces and provide them with weapons to help protect the police.

Well, now we’ve activated them, we’ve trained them, we’ve given them tools, we’ve given them cars, motorcycles and even armored vehicles,” he said.

Governor Katsina said that in terms of subsidies, the government has adopted a minimum wage system that will provide subsidies to workers.

What people should know is that these volunteers are doing this kind of work in their own towns, without any pay, and they are doing this work,” Diko Rada said. “Because they are supposed to protect parents, relatives and families member’s honor.” relatives.

He said: “Some people say that these patrols cause more difficulties for the security services. This is nonsense because everyone living in areas with security problems knows what is going on. How to protect those who steal, torture, kill them ?It’s not difficult to get rid of them.

Governor Katsina said: “Oh my gosh, I am the governor but my heart is not there anymore. When I have something to do, I will not allow anyone to come and eat people because the problem has come and we must unite. To the point of resolution.” problem. “Seeing this issue ends because it’s an issue that bothers us.

Anyone who objects to this does it because it was not his brother who was killed,” he said.
“Soon, when all the necessary preparations are completed, I will also enter the forest,” Governor Rada said.

Katsina State House of Assembly has confirmed Alh Isyaku Muhammad as the new head of the Katsina State Tax Collection Commission

The Katsina State House of Assembly on Wednesday confirmed Alhaji Isyaku Muhammad as the new head of the Katsina State Internal Revenue Service (Katsina State Internal Revenue Service).

The Speaker of the Katsina State House of Assembly, Rt Hon Nasir Yahaya Daura, presided over the session of the House of Assembly during the assessment and confirmation of the new chairman of the division board.

After the confirmation by the other members of parliament during the assessment session, the speaker of the parliament knocked on the bell and ordered Alh Isyaku to bow down and pass, he was confirmed.

Funeral of late Dr. Shamsudeen Abubakar held in Malumfashi town, Katsina State

The funeral prayers were held for the Assistant to the Katsina State Governor on Islamic Education, Shamsuddeen Abubakar, who died in a car accident while on his way to Jos.

Katsina correspondents learned that the funeral was held on the evening of Tuesday, October 17, 2023, in Marumfashi town. The governor prayed for the deceased and expressed his condolences to the family, friends and people of Karama. Malumfashi’s board of directors suffered heavy losses based on this.

The Governor of Katsina State, Dr. Dikko Umar Raddda, attended the funeral prayers held in Malumfashi town, Katsina State.

The deceased had proven to be very adept at managing affairs and the ability to interact with the community.

We ask Allah to have mercy on him and all other Muslims.

The Governor of Jigawa State, Malam Umar Namadi, has received the invitation of the Minister of Agriculture of Nigeria

The National Ministry of Agriculture has honored Governor Namadi as the champion governor who has improved the agricultural sector in Nigeria.

Jigawa State Governor Malam Umar A. Namadi FCA today Thursday 12-10-2023 hosted the delegation of the Minister of Agriculture and Food Quality Senator Abubakar Kyari at the Government House in Dutse.

The Minister explained the reason for the visit as the fulfillment of the President’s resolution to provide quality food and develop the agricultural sector and provide jobs to the youth through Agriculture and Jigawa State is one of the important states where this Wheat Farming program will be conducted.

Governor Namadi thanked the President and the Minister and his team members for the tour of the places where this program will be conducted and for choosing Jigawa State which the Minister did to conduct this program. The Governor assured the Minister that God willing the people of Jigawa State will not shame the Federal Government and the Minister.

 Lado Danmarke has formed a committee to look into ways to help Katsina students studying at BUK University in Kano State.

PDP Katsina State gubernatorial candidate for the 2023 elections, His Excellency Yakubu Lado Danmarke, has formed an emergency committee to study how to provide scholarships to Katsina students studying at BUK University, Kano, in response to the increase in the number of schools canceling fuel in Nigeria Fees charged after subsidy.

Muhsin Sarkin Yaqi told Katsina Correspondent and Senator Yakubu Lado Danmarke in Modern Media that the students were so worried that they submitted a petition to the Senator to help them pay their registration fees. The school board has done the work.

Most students are in a difficult state of stress as tuition fees at some universities in the country have increased due to the lifting of living costs, including tuition fees, due to the removal of fuel subsidies.

Senator Yakubu Lado has formed a three-member committee to look into how to help students ensure they continue their studies without being suspended by school boards.

Students said they were grateful for Senator Lado’s quick action in hearing their complaints and the way he supported education. The Katsina State government did not ignore their complaints.

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