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A Man’s Journey from Rags to Riches: The Inspiring Story of Gambo Adamu.

A Man's Journey from Rags to Riches: The Inspiring Story of Gambo Adamu

Recruitment board opens application portal, police recruitment begins

-IGP asks applicants to be wary of fraudsters

The Nigeria Police Force is pleased to announce that the recruitment of qualified persons into the police force in the general and professional cadres has commenced. The Police Recruitment Board is set to open the application portal on 15 October 2023, marking the start of an important phase in increasing the capability and effectiveness of the force. The online application portal will be open for six weeks from October 15 to November 26, 2023. Potential applicants need to fill in the online application form and submit it through within the specified period

Applicants should be of Nigerian origin by birth, must possess a National Identity Number (NIN), have obtained at least 5 credits in WAEC/NECO courses, or equivalent credits in English and Mathematics, and have obtained in not more than 2 examinations Qualifying credits, age 18-25 years for general positions, 18-28 years for experts; physical health and mental health, the height of men should not be less than 1.67m, the height of women should not be less than 1.64m, and the chest circumference should not be less than 86 cm (34 inches) (men only). Applicants must not be in any financial distress or have been convicted of any criminal offence.

Available specialty areas include Medical Assistant (Junior Community Health Extension Worker (JCHEW)), Veterinary Assistant (Animal Health/Livestock Related Certificate), Band Department, Communications/IT ​​Specialist, Driver/Mechanic, Marine, Plumber, Masons, painters, tilers, electricians, welders and carpenters

The Inspector General of Police hereby issues a stern charge to all applicants urging them to remain vigilant and cautious throughout the application process. He warned of fraudsters and individuals who may seek to exploit the recruitment process for personal gain. The IGP assured that the Police Recruitment Board consists of dedicated and disciplined personnel who will ensure that the recruitment process is transparent, merit-based and free from corruption and other acrimonious practices. He emphasized that the application and selection process is free and will be conducted through official channels. If there is any illegal behavior, it should be reported to the authorities immediately and necessary actions will be taken.

force public relations officer,


A Man’s Journey from Rags to Riches: The Inspiring Story of Gambo Adamu

In a world where opportunities are scarce and dreams often seem out of reach, there are individuals who defy all odds and rise above their circumstances. This is the remarkable story of Gambo Adamu, a man from a humble background who, at the tender age of 12, embarked on a journey that would change his life forever.

A Poverty-stricken Household:
Gambo Adamu was born into a poor household in Kotu, a small village in Nigeria. With limited resources and a family struggling to make ends meet, he witnessed the harsh realities of life from an early age. But despite the challenges, Gambo had a burning desire to create a better future for himself and his loved ones.

A Determined Spirit:
At the age of 12, Gambo made the courageous decision to leave home and seek opportunities in the city. He set out on a journey full of uncertainties, armed with nothing but determination and an unwavering belief in his own abilities. His goal was clear – to escape the cycle of poverty and create a life of prosperity.

A Fortuitous Encounter:
Fate smiled upon Gambo when he crossed paths with the influential businessman, Muhammadu Buhari. Recognizing Gambo’s potential, Buhari decided to invest ₦5 million in his budding transportation business. This generous gesture not only gave Gambo the much-needed financial boost but also paved the way for a life-changing partnership.

From Rags to Riches:
With the newfound capital, Gambo Adamu was able to expand his transportation business exponentially. He invested in a fleet of vehicles and hired a team of dedicated employees. Slowly but steadily, his company began to flourish, providing employment opportunities for many in the community.

Community Impact:
But Gambo’s success did not end with financial prosperity alone. Remembering his humble beginnings, he made it his mission to give back to his community. He established scholarships for underprivileged children, built schools, and initiated various social development projects. Gambo became a beacon of hope, inspiring others to pursue their dreams and break free from the shackles of poverty.

Gambo Adamu’s journey from a modest home in Kotu to a place of entrepreneurial success is a testament to the indomitable spirit of human ambition. Through hard work, determination, and the support of a helping hand, he overcame adversity and transformed his life. Gambo’s story serves as a reminder that no dream is too big and no obstacle too great when one is driven with unwavering determination.

How the talented young man from Borno state, Aji Bukar Bayaro, designed the famous football player Ahmed Musa’s playground

By Comr Abba Sani Pantami

If you don’t forget, a few days ago I brought you pictures of how the young man made a beautiful Mosque and Airplane, Houses, Cars, Plaza and Other Amazing Things, as you will see in these few pictures.

Right now, the young man is two years after graduating from Sakandiri, but due to the lack of resources or WAEC and NECO for him, being an orphan, his parents have all died.

Now the young man is living in Dala Fatima Kurti area in Maidaguri city, anyone who needs to help him or sponsor his studies can contact the young man directly on his phone.

This kind of youth that the Government is helping them with the kind of development and things they will bring to our country will surprise people.

Hezhou Command Zero Crime Campaign Launching Ceremony

As part of efforts to combat crime and ensure the safety of Rivers State residents and investors, the State Police Headquarters has launched Operation Zero Crime in the state.

The week-long program was launched by the Commissioner of Police, CP Nwonyi Polycarp Emeka, P.L.B., Ph.D., to ensure that the 23 local government areas in the state and restore confidence that “the police are your friends”.

A roadshow awareness walk will take place on Monday 2 October 2023 starting from the Abba Road axis before converging at Isaac Borough Park.

Tuesday, October 3, 2023, witnessed the official inauguration and panel discussion at 10 am, while Wednesday, October 4, 2023, saw a 3-day free medical outreach in the three senatorial districts of Rivers State.

Yesterday, Thursday, October 5, 2023, witnessed the waterfront/workshop.

Friday 6th October kicks off with the CP Secondary School Essay Challenge and a novel football game between the CP Female DPO and Male DPO as well as the CP Management Team and PCRC, while on Saturday 7th October there will be a CP Workshop and Educational Session .

The event will conclude with a night of laughter, fashion show and meet and greet on Sunday, October 8, 2023.

police public relations officer,
Rivers State Police Command,
port harcourt


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