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Lagos State Government still in limbo after Mile 12 Food Market closure

Lagos State Government still in limbo after Mile 12 Food Market closure

Northerners living in Lagos State have been in dire straits ever since the Lagos State Government announced the closure of Mile 12 Food Market, which was closed last Friday due to an alleged lack of concern for the environment. And the sanitary conditions are poor.

Laria’s investigation found that the people in charge of this market were doing their best to clean the market, so they appointed about 200 workers to clean the market, and they often traveled to clean the market.

Currently, all commercial activities have ceased, all kayak shops have been closed, and the import of food and goods from northern Nigeria has also stopped.

Of course, closing the 12 Mile Market is one of the unfair things for the residents of the area and if what the government claims is true, then it should sit down and intervene to end the problem rather than cover it up. . the entire market.

Mile 12 Market is not a small market, it is the gateway to all other food markets in Africa and its closure will disrupt the economy of Lagos State and other states in the south of the country.

The current lack of commercial activities and transportation in the market has increased the living pressure and financial shortage of nearby residents. We call on the Lagos State Government to pay attention to the plight of the people and facilitate their continued employment.

We ask God to raise this issue with leadership. Amen.

We will not be allowed to use Kano governorship election to undermine democracy in the North, says Rep. Bauchi

The Alliance for Defense of Democratic Freedoms in Bauchi State has protested and commented on the decision of the Kano Governorship Electoral Tribunal, which raised questions and accusations of an attempt to suppress the right of the masses to vote. In a good democracy you can do this.

The CDR has expressed displeasure over the ruling of a Kano court that the country’s ruling party, APC, should win the Kano governorship election instead of NNPP Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf and the people. You can choose them, the Independent National Electoral Commission has confirmed this.

“There is an urgent need to remind the pioneers of this matter and all parties involved that Kano is the center and backbone of the Nigerian economy. Therefore, attempts to boycott or bring about political chaos in Kano now are things that may cause problems or divide the North.” ” nation. “.”

“As a group of organizations dedicated to promoting democracy and protecting the dignity of democracy, we feel we must stand up and make our voices heard to ensure we don’t watch people being robbed or stripped of what they have.” If you Choosing to do so, this situation could have negative consequences for Kano and the North as a whole, and will continue to do so in the future as we know it.

“We reiterate that we are not members of the NNPP and we are not citizens of Kano State, but we have the right and obligation to stand up and warn all those who plotted this conspiracy. There will be no consequences in the end.” ”

Ibrahim Babayo, Planning Director of the Development and Reconstruction Commission, who spoke at the peaceful march at Tafawa Balewa Shrine, said: “Good democracy is the basis for the sustainable development of the country. The most important thing is to protect the people of value. Vote in a fair manner.”

He said the main responsibility of the Electoral Court is to conduct thorough investigations into all allegations of misconduct during elections.



The mother of the former President of the Senate, Senator Ahmed Lawan has passed away

By Kamal Salisu Mai Nasibi Gashua

The family of the former Speaker of the Senate, Senator Ahmed Ibrahim Lawan has announced the death of his mother, Hajiya Halima Baba Ibrahim.

Hajiya Halima died today Saturday at her home in Gaahua town in Bade local government in Yobe state. She died at the age of 86.

Her funeral will be held tomorrow Sunday in Gashua town at about 11 am in the town’s main Friday mosque.

Senator Ahmed Lawan expressed his gratitude to his family, friends and other people who have sent him condolences on the death of his mother thank you all.

Widow marriage: Northern governors should learn from Governor Abajida-Jeda

Sani Abubakar Sani

Indeed, Northern governors need to follow the example of Kano State Governor, Engineer Abba Kabir Yusuif, on the Zurawa marriage issue.

I am convinced that if our governors in the north do this, there is no doubt that the calamity that the country is going through will be alleviated and the Sunnah of Allah’s Messenger SAW will be improved.

Allah has brought us a solution, this servant of Allah who founded the Sunnah, may Allah grant him victory over his enemies.

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