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Federal government wants Google to stop data spam that threatens world sustainability.

Federal government wants Google to stop data spam that threatens world sustainability


Information and Communications Minister Haji Mohammed Idris called on Google, a company that stores information on the Internet, to prevent the spread of all information that may be dangerous and threaten the sustainable development of a country’s society.

Prior to this, the Minister received a delegation of Google officials in West Africa, led by Mr. Olumide Balogun, Director of Google.

The delegation visited him in Abuja on Thursday.

“It’s important to assess the effectiveness of the Internet and its harmful effects,” he said. “I believe you have a responsibility to prevent the spread of harmful material.”

“The government has no intention or intention to restrict freedom of speech or freedom of the press. The president does not want to see freedom of speech restricted.

He added: “But if this is a serious message, it could be a big problem for us. It will destroy our unity and create chaos in the country.”

“We know that the dissemination of information through the Internet is very important for the sustainable development of the country, so we need the right to express opinions, based on which everyone will express their opinions.” He believes that his rights are neither restricted, Not free either.

“Therefore, once the message reaches the public, the spread of fake news will decrease. Be careful, freedom comes from knowing the rules to follow,” he added.

The minister added that Google has strong powers to ensure people’s rights to publish information on social media without causing confusion to Nigerians.

Mr Balogun began by telling the minister that the company had trained 3,500 journalists in Nigeria over the past three years.

He said they were trained to use modern technology to identify real news and filter out fake news.

Quick reminder: Danish Lado Dan Marke Foundation has once again paid the registration fees for 101 University of Katsina students studying at BUK University in Kano State.

The Katsina State Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) gubernatorial candidate for the 2023 elections, His Excellency Sein Yakubu Lado Dane, has once again commended over 101 students pursuing master’s degrees in Katsina State in their efforts towards the future of youth education. Degree tuition fees at Bayero University, Kano State and tuition fees for students who are unable to pay PhD fees.

Senator Yakubu Lado has requested that the Lado Development Foundation once again pay registration fees to 101 Katsina students studying at BUK after they failed to pay their school fees within the deadline set by the school’s governing council. Implementation.

Senator Yakubu Lado posted on his Twitter page after completing the payment of student fees that in his previous life, no one wanted to see young people get an education and make society proud of them. The future is here.

Some people say that knowledge is the foundation of life, and we must pay special attention to knowledge. With the bill we have introduced, I believe we are supporting education and that is why I think it is appropriate to pay school fees for local students in Katsina State who have failed to pay their school fees at Bayero University, Kano.

Ultimately, the foundation led by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate for the 2023 Katsina State gubernatorial election, His Excellency Yakubu Lado Dane, has been tasked with managing its operations to assist the people of Katsina State .

She said Senator Yakubu Lado deserves commendation for his tremendous efforts in supporting young people to improve their lives, especially at a time when people are in dire need of assistance, calling on the community, especially the rich and affluent person. Let them learn from him.

Where is Sheikh Aminu Daulawa? Because Murja is a liar, she won’t be punished?

From Dati Asalafi

Murja Ibrahim i$kánc now! And she spreads on social media, without a doubt, that she is not afraid of anyone, that is, she is more aggressive.

What Mujah spread yesterday shouldn’t be said to have brought Hisbah this time, they shouldn’t, where is Hisbah’s commander Sheikh Aminu Daulawa?

But maybe it’s because Murja is a Kwankwasiyya girl that’s why they stare at her like this?

Kano is a dignified and religious town and you should take appropriate legal action against this shameless girl.

No one with any respect and religious beliefs would support this girl’s decision, some people say so in the media, but apparently it’s because of her reputation in the government?

If this is why Hisbah failed to act, let’s hope God overthrows all governments that bind the people of I$ka g!nd! Do what they want.

Drone image of the Gilbert Scott Building

Zazzau Kingdom to build northern Nigeria’s best Friday mosque.

The Kingdom of Zazzau under the rule of His Highness Mar. Anbu. Dr. Ahmad Nuhu Bamalli (CFR) released a report on the construction of a new Friday main building in Zaria city by Malam Abdulkarim New map of the mosque on which work is about to begin.

In addition to the reconstruction of the main mosque on Friday, it is also related to the partial collapse of the mosque last Friday, which killed eight people and injured some people attending afternoon prayers.

Dignitaries from different parts of Nigeria will attend the event, God willing, which will take place today, Saturday. ”

The meeting to launch the construction drawings of the new mosque will be held at about 11am today, Saturday, October 14, 2023, at the Shehu Musa Yar’Adua Conference Hall in the capital, Abuja.

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