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Today, Friday 13th October 2023, Batsari Local Government Councilors removed the Chairman of the Local Government Councilors, Sanusi Sale, from his position as leade

Batsari local government councilors have sacked their leader.

Author: Abdulkader Nafiu

Today, Friday 13th October 2023, Batsari Local Government Councilors removed the Chairman of the Local Government Councilors, Sanusi Sale, from her position as leader…

Strong evidence emerged that MPs expressed their reliance on the decision, sparking an uproar…

Some of the facts include, exceptions are made for local government councilors who are not allowed by law to perform all other activities of their duties as councillors, local government heads are not allowed to engage in activities, some of which include, local government budgets and plans, inter-local government services provided by state governments The performance of some services, allegations of misappropriation of revenue, that local government (revenue) did not know where the money was going….

Another reason is that not a single councilor has a residence at the Local Government Secretariat and about ten (10) councilors out of the eleven (11) have complained about how the local government chairman ignored their complaints. Talks from poor people in the village about education, health and other issues…

Our representatives who attended the impeachment meeting of the Batsari Local Government Secretariat today, our representatives witnessed first-hand how Clark from the local government expressed themselves as satisfied with the work and safety of the local government. ….

However, it is reported that he himself is Sanusi Salle, the former local government councilor chairman. He said that he was ready to resign because the local government chairman did not listen to his advice and he was also ready to resign. He is the father of a family and cannot restrain him on some things. Sanusi Ser said…

Councilors today elected Hon Sanusi Sani of Darini/Magaji Abu District as the new Councilor Chairman of Batsari Local Government, following the removal of former Councilor Chairman Sanusi Sale. He will succeed Hon Sanusi Sale in the leadership of the local government councilors.

This is the worst situation Batsari local government has faced since the 2022 local government elections.

Nigeria will not open up.

Boda is not yet open. The government has reiterated its stance that Bodo in Nigeria is closed. The Central Bank of Nigeria is said to be offering those importing prohibited goods the opportunity to help them convert naira to dollars if they want to import the products through the usual waterways. .

~But anyone who understands this situation knows that it is a scary dance and it is better not to fly because this will only happen when the dollar reaches 1030 naira.

If the rich take advantage of the currency exchange opportunity to buy goods and save them for the next 8 months, when daminar returns again, this situation could affect farming for millions, which is not expected next year or now (May God protect us, this is not our hope).

Third, as we understand our country, this opportunity is like a “door” that opens the door for others to get rich while lying down, without having to touch their acquaintances or their bodies. Because the document will only be filled in and my company will be importing rice worth 500 million naira, for example.

~Then I got a currency exchange from CBN and went behind the scenes to sell it and within an hour or two I got the profit I wanted. The CBN or other authorities asked me to release them and Guru and remain silent.

Who loses here with Keenan? The people 43 who actually get the product there are because when they walk in, they see the door open for them and everyone else blocking it.

~The fourth thing, the government’s support for the foreign exchange market, I understand is also a reason for others to do it. Although it is beneficial to the US dollar if it is not hidden too much, if it is saved, then through God. Please have mercy on us.

Finally, the Hausa people say that if you are going to drink a thousand glasses of Gia Asha (Ask God’s forgiveness), the main thing people say is that if it is not designed for adults, they should use ATM cards for international transfers returns, receiving and sending, If you have money, do what you want. Although the government defends its position and says it is acting from a security and prevention perspective, has terrorism stopped in our north?

~If this is true, crypto folks are also hoping that sanctions on banks will be lifted on February 17, 2021, preventing them from getting mixed up with crypto market dollars, because P2P black market dollars are on fire.

Sorry, they have not criticized my government’s position since I was elected, but there is a lot of politics in the new order, that’s true.

~I believe no one will feel the pain of this new move as much as the people who originally imported these homegrown products as some will hide the dollars and others will move them to the black market if they take them from abroad. Will make a profit. The Central Bank of Nigeria does not care about the future of farmers who now bring goods from their farms.

from his book
Abdul Hadi Issa Ibrahim.

Tinubu appoints 14 new government heads

Author: Abba Sani Pantami Comr Abba Sani Pantami

Their list is as follows;

1. Industrial Training Fund (ITF)-Afiz Ogun Oluwatoyin

2. Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority of Nigeria (SMEDAN)-Charles Odii

3. Nigeria Commodity Exchange (NCE)-Anthony Atuche, CFA

4. National Sugar Development Council (NSDC)-Kamar Bakrin

5. Nigeria Export Processing Zone Authority (NEPZA)-Olufemi Ogunyemi

6. Corporate Affairs Committee (CAC) – Hussaini Ishaq Magaji, SAN

7. Nigeria Export Promotion Council (NEPC) – Nonye Ayeni

8. Nigeria Investment Promotion Commission (NIPC) – Aisha Rimi

9. Oil and Gas Free Zone Authority (OGFZA) – Bamanga Usman Jada

10. Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON)-Ifeanyi Chukwunonso Okeke

11. Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria (FRCN) – Rabiu Olowo

12. Lagos International Trade Fair Center (LITFCMB) — Veronica Safiya Ndanusa

13. Tafawa Balewa Square Management Board (TBSMB) – Lucia Shittu

14. National Automotive Design and Development Council (NADDC) – Oluwemimo Joseph Osanipin.


The leader of the Kwankwasiyya sect, Dr. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, saw the story of a woman in a photo on social media. The stress of life led her to start Garuwa because she had a brother whose husband died.

Upon seeing this, Kwankwaso found it difficult to dial the phone number of the member of the House of War where the woman resided and Hon Sani Wakili told him that he had to go to that house to check on the woman and her condition. Brother and inform him.

The MP immediately found the house where the woman was staying, went to visit her and told her that Kwankwaso had personally sent him to check on her and that he had expressed his condolences on the death of her husband after informing her of it. and picked up the phone. He called Kwankwaso and told him he had hair in the house of a Turkish woman and told him what he had seen her.

Wanda Kwankwaso said if God would help her then he would tell the governor of Kano State to help her personally, the lawmaker immediately gave the woman $50,000 and told her to find a business to invest in Garua (Garuwa) business and then she disappeared. Regulation.

Now, for God’s sake, aren’t people like Kwankwaso fit to rule the country?

Omar Saleh Zara

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