Comprehensive List of Courses Offered at Federal Polytechnic Kabo.

Federal Polytechnic Kabo Courses Offered.

Federal Polytechnic Kabo which is one of the 6 schools owned by the federal government which was brought during the time of President Muhammadu Buhari federal polytechnic Kano state is done by the Kabo local government in Kano in the northern part of Nigeria for the girl to become a hero in the rano local government Kano state Nigeria.

There is no doubt that the school has many courses to give our children knowledge. The principal of the school is very important to know the poor and to know their progress in every aspect. by Federal Polytechnic Kabo.

Also, the principal of the school has made these courses more suitable, starting with the ones before confirming the rest of the courses and after that they are more suitable and they can do their best to see the children’s lives improve according to the first principal of the school who was chosen by the federal government. as the head of the Federal Polytechnic Kabo.

The federal polytechnic kabo school is the only federal polytechnic school in Kano state that provides students with quality education to have a sustainable life The Ractor of the school promised to ensure quality education for all the students of the foreign school, so parents do not hesitate to bring your children to Nana’s school so that they can have a quality life.

federal polytechnic kabo are offering a lot of courses in order to help students to get all kinds of education in the school education currently is the first thing in the life of every human being in the world so we are calling on the students of this school to study day and night to get a sustainable life

Professor Magani is the Headmaster of Ahalin School and now he is the Headmaster of the First Federal Polytechnic Kabo. The great professor’s who are very brave, the whole of Kano state sends greetings to the President of Nigeria, Alhaji Muhammad Buhari.

This school came to Kabo local government under the rule of President Alhaji Muhammadu Buhari based on the bravery of Senator Barau I Jibrin Maliya, one of the thousands of senators in Kano state.

After that, Senator Barau I Jibrin Maliya added that the people of Kano state are in front of them, so their main goal is to see their development every time, so this work has now started.

He added that the federal government’s federal polytechnic school will try to bring all the necessary things to ensure that children are given quality education. It is necessary to ensure the education of this blessed school, so parents, don’t hesitate to get your children a place to study during school hours because the school is definitely different from other schools.

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The head of the school added that we are Welcoming And Congratulate to All people’s of Nigeria to get a good education easily without suffering any hardships. Education is a right for every Nigerian Federal Polytechnic Kabo is the first federal polytechnic in Kano state.

Below are some of the lists of courses offered in Federal Polytechnic Kabo.

  1. Accountancy
  2. Business Administration and Management
  3. Computer Science
  4. Electrical/Electronics Engineering
  5. Mechanical Engineering
  6. Science Laboratory Technology
  7. Statistics
  8. Architecture
  9. Building Technology
  10. Quantity Surveying
  11. Urban and Regional Planning
  12. Estate Management and Valuation
  13. Food Technology
  14. Hospitality Management
  15. Nutrition and Dietetics
  16. Mass Communication
  17. Library and Information Science
  18. Surveying and Geoinformatics
  19. Banking and Finance
  20. Agricultural Technology
  21. Architectural Technology
  22. Computer Engineering
  23. Mechatronics Engineering
  24. Office Technology and Management

Explore the Academic Spectrum: Courses Offered at Federal Polytechnic, Kabo

Federal Polytechnic, Kabo, is a center of academic excellence offering a wide array of courses designed to equip students with practical skills and knowledge for a successful career. In this blog post, we will take you through the diverse range of programs and courses available at Federal Polytechnic, Kabo, providing you with an overview of the academic opportunities awaiting prospective students.

1. Accountancy:

  • Explore the field of finance and accounting with courses that cover financial management, auditing, taxation, and accounting principles.

2. Business Administration and Management:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of business operations, entrepreneurship, marketing, and management strategies.

3. Computer Science:

  • Dive into the world of technology with programs focused on software development, network administration, and computer hardware.

4. Electrical and Electronics Engineering:

  • Acquire skills in electrical system design, electronics, power engineering, and automation.

5. Mechanical Engineering:

  • Discover the principles of mechanical engineering, including design, manufacturing, and maintenance of machinery.

6. Science Laboratory Technology:

  • Explore courses in biology, chemistry, and physics, with practical laboratory experiences to develop analytical skills.

7. Statistics:

  • Study statistical methods, data analysis, and research techniques applicable in various fields.

8. Mass Communication:

  • Learn the art of communication, journalism, public relations, and media production.

9. Library and Information Science:

  • Develop expertise in library management, information organization, and archival sciences.

10. Building Technology:

  • Explore construction technology, architectural design, and project management in the construction industry.

11. Surveying and Geoinformatics:

  • Study land surveying, geospatial information systems, and cartography for geospatial analysis.

12. Estate Management and Valuation:

  • Gain knowledge in property management, real estate valuation, and land administration.

13. Banking and Finance:

  • Focus on financial institutions, banking operations, and financial markets.

14. Agricultural Technology:

  • Learn about modern agricultural practices, crop and livestock management, and agribusiness.

15. Quantity Surveying:

  • Master the skills required for estimating construction costs, project management, and contract administration.

16. Public Administration:

  • Delve into public governance, policy analysis, and administrative processes.

17. Architectural Technology:

  • Explore architectural design, building construction, and architectural drawing.

18. Welding and Fabrication Technology:

  • Acquire expertise in welding techniques, metal fabrication, and engineering drawings.

19. Statistics:

  • Study statistical methods, data analysis, and research techniques applicable in various fields.

20. Marketing:

  • Understand marketing strategies, consumer behavior, and market research.

21. Urban and Regional Planning:

  • Focus on urban development, environmental planning, and sustainable city management.

22. Computer Engineering:

  • Dive into computer hardware, microprocessor systems, and embedded systems.

23. Mechatronics Engineering:

  • Explore interdisciplinary engineering involving mechanics, electronics, and computer control.

24. Office Technology and Management:

  • Learn office administration, secretarial duties, and document management.

These are the courses that we offer at the federal polytechnic KABO Kano state every student has the right to choose any course he wants to study, there is how everything works in order to follow all the instructions process to get Admissions to start studying at the federal government Polytechnic in Kabo local government. Kano state.

Currently, the school board has prepared everything to start recruiting students to start studying in the school and recruit all the lecturers who will start Lecturing in this school. To Assure comprehensive and quality Education to student federal polytechnic kabo has prepared everything, he will start studying soon.

The students of this school are called to know that there is no Play or any unreasonable things when they come, to make sure that they come to study not come to play. because education is what brings everyone to this school, this is the call of the federal polytechnic school kabo Kano state Nigeria.

We wish everyone good luck. God bless everyone who comes to this school. God bless us and we are responsible for taking care of everything. study properly, this is how we want the local government to celebrate the arrival of this school federal polytechnic kabo Kano state Nigeria Knowledge is the power and the keys of success in life.

We are sending a message of thanks to Senate Barau I Jibrin Maliya, who is the reason for coming to this school. Federal Polytechnic Kabo provide qualify education like BUK and ABU universities are probably even some people who do not understand the school’s reason for providing quality education federal polytechnic kabo is the best.


Federal Polytechnic, Kabo, offers a diverse range of courses catering to a wide spectrum of career aspirations. With a commitment to practical education, the institution prepares students for success in their chosen fields, providing them with valuable skills and knowledge to excel in the job market.

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