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Morbad death: We will investigate seriously – FPRO Nigerian Police

Morbad death: We will investigate seriously – FPRO

We extend our deepest condolences to the family, friends and fans of the late Ile Oruwa Oladimeji Aloba, aka Mobade, who sadly passed away recently. We understand the concerns surrounding his untimely death and the speculation that has arisen.


The Nigeria Police Force is committed to a comprehensive investigation into the matter and the Lagos State Commissioner of Police has been tasked with unraveling the circumstances surrounding his death. Please be assured that we will provide updates as the investigation unfolds.

Family members or close associates with valuable information are encouraged to contact the Lagos State Commissioner of Police to assist in the process.

In the meantime, we ask that individuals refrain from making comments or engaging in activities that may jeopardize ongoing investigations.

We value your trust and support.


Operation Safe Harbor troops capture Dorathy Jonathan’s murderer in southern Kaduna

In line with the determination of the Commander of Operation Safe Harbor (OPSH), Major General AE Abubakar, to bring all perpetrators of crimes in southern Kaduna and surrounding areas to justice, OPSH troops captured the man who killed multiple persons following the engagement of stakeholders on September 10, 2023 Mrs. Laci Jonathan’s murderer was murdered in cold blood on Friday, September 1, 2023, while collecting firewood at Afana village in Zango Kataf Local Government Area of ​​the state.

The murderer, Lot Dauda, ​​admitted to committing the crime together with an accomplice (name unknown) who is currently at large, and Operation Safe Harbor troops immediately acted on reliable intelligence and arrested him through a manhunt.

The killer told how he approached Mrs Dorathy while working in the fields and wanted to have an intimate relationship with the victim, who put up a fight which ultimately led to her horrific murder. Efforts are ongoing to apprehend another co-conspirator and the arrested suspect will be charged with murder. After the investigation is completed, a lawsuit is filed in court.


Latest update on the brutal murder of Mrs. Dorathy Jonathan in southern Kaduna

Troops of Operation Safe Harbor (OPSH) have arrested a second murder suspect, Abubakar Mato, who was arrested after Lot Dauda confessed to the murder of Mrs. Dorathy Jonathan at Afana village in Zango Kataf Local Government Area of ​​Kaduna State. Lot Dauda was captured by the army earlier.

As part of Operation Safe Harbor’s commitment to ensure the security of communities in its area of ​​responsibility, OPSH troops also foiled an abduction attempt by Bishop Paul Zamani of the Anglican Parish of Sambak Gida Village, Jaba LGA, Kaduna State. After receiving the distress signal, the troops quickly rushed to the scene and exchanged fire with the kidnappers who escaped with gunshot wounds.

Major General AE Abubakar, Commander of Operation Safe Harbor, thanked the public for providing credible information that led to the arrest of the suspects and foiled kidnapping attempt. He assured the public that the suspects would be brought to court promptly once the investigation is concluded.

Let the Crowd Breathe Commentary: Senate sets the stage for Utomi’s attack on Akpabio

Called the attack misdirected and unnecessary

The leader of the Labor Party, Professor Pat Utomi, believes this comment by the Senate is wrong as the Senate’s decision to halt the planned increase in electricity prices will further increase the suffering of the masses.

Chairman of the Senate Committee on Media and Publicity, Yemi Adaramodu, said in a statement on Sunday in Abuja that “the Senate is appalled by the insidious misunderstandings articulated by some political surrealists who always leave the root of the problem to be found” Unnecessary scapegoat.

Professor Pat Utomi’s personal and character attacks on the Senate President are misleading and unnecessary. It implies that the Senate President, His Excellency Godswill Akpabio is using ‘let the poor breathe’ To mock the Nigerian masses with this statement is to dress lies and mischief in the clothes of unpopularity.

The Senate is an assembly of eminent persons who are sent by the Nigerian public to represent their interests in the hallowed chamber. The public interest motion to stop the increase in electricity bills for Nigerians is one such example that tests the capabilities of Nigerians. Chapter Senate Responsiveness of Ten-Term Senate Prominent Members.

With the flames of removal of fuel subsidy still smoldering, the Senate believes that any increase in electricity prices will be suffocating and should allow the poor and all Nigerians to breathe, whoever wishes to do so.

The President of the Senate compassionately banged the gavel and issued a stoic warning that any such attempt would be obnoxious, laughable and would only take oxygen away from the masses.

Despite public displays of patriotism and sensitivity, some political disunionists and traitors believe they can reverse the reality of omnipotence to regain lost momentum.

The Senate has not and will not mock the masses and without him there would be no Nigerian Senate. It is quite unfortunate that he mines extreme partisanship to attack the image of the Senate and especially the character of the Senate President.” and political superficiality. , expressions of disrespectful and insulting outbursts.

We believe that whoever pursues a self-proclaimed electoral victory in the courts should not assume that swearing at the Senate and its leadership is the panacea needed to inject legal blood into the parched veins of their cases.

The 10th Senate, under the leadership of Senate President Godswell Akpabio, passed many life-sustaining resolutions in a short period of time, including the misunderstood Senate’s rejection of an increase in electricity tariffs.

We therefore advise political stoners and pretenders not to play politics with the lives of Nigerians and allow the National Assembly to join forces with other arms of government to pull Nigeria out of the economic morass and make life better off for all of us,” the statement concluded

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