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[Lates News] EFCC arrests 40 internet scam suspects in Warri, Delta state.

EFCC arrests 40 internet scam suspects in Warri, Delta state


Staff of the EFCC Benin Regional Command arrested 41 Internet fraud suspects in Warri, Delta state, on Friday, September 8, 2023.

The suspects include Jackson Shebeno, Good Gosbauer, Akifah Desmond, Johnson Ognewegba, Okonta Williams, Ochukwo Godfrey, Marvelous Ogojo Ekpuke, Sheriff Ofuluwa, Ironjo Richard, Daniel Awiroso Inyowohir, Favor Igotudu, Stan Leigh David, Gosbauer Jeremiah, Hrok Miracle, Oneiu Gideon, Apare Tamalakuru, Ogribi George and Napoleon Efe Miracle.

Others include Jephthah Godbless, Isiorho Desmond and Ochuko Prosper, Akpevwe Edogbegi, Felis Emmanuel, John Benjamin, Chukwuyenum Kenneth, Ejaita Victory, Felix Wada, Ufuoma Ododolor, Blessing Gbekena, Edo Othuke and Irikete Prosper.

Also on the list are: Joshua Ngerem, Efejayobor Ochuko, Eke Kelechi Destiny, Idise Raymond Chuks, Enitomi Patrick, Efetobore Prosper Eghegha, Toise Raymond Chuks and Ogheneome Udovi.

The suspects were arrested in a sting operation after gaining actionable intelligence about their nefarious activities in the area.

Items seized from the suspects included eight exotic vehicles – two Toyota Venzas, a Range Rover, a Lexus EX 350, two Lexus RX350s, a Toyota Camry; and a Mercedes Benz C300, a Mercedes Benz GLK, mobile phone and laptop.

The suspect has made useful statements and charges will be brought to court as soon as the investigation is concluded.


ARIN-WA seeks cooperation from EFCC in intelligence sharing, asset recovery

The Asset Recovery Inter-Agency Network for West Africa (ARIN-WA) has called on the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to collaborate with it to share intelligence and information on asset recovery to ensure security in the African region.

The call was made by the President of ARINWA, Jacinto Fernandez Do Canto, on Friday, September 9, 2023, during a courtesy visit to the EFCC Corporate Headquarters in Abuja.

Do Canto said Nigeria needs to demonstrate its commitment to the network through strong asset management and recovery initiatives to enable it to take its rightful place among ARIN-WA member states.

“Among the member countries of ARIN-WA, 16 countries have established recovery and asset management agencies and 4 countries have not yet established one and Nigeria is one of them. It does not mean that Nigeria does not have it, it has the EFCC. So , we are here to raise awareness and travel to other countries to do the same.

“We share information with people in our region and other regions. ARIN-WA will ask for information from Nigeria and Nigeria can equally ask for such information.” He further stated that he was optimistic that the EFCC would create and build the essence of its network and continue to join hands with it Cooperation expresses optimism.

ARINWA Assistant Secretary General Charles Balet also said in his speech that this visit to EFCC is to learn from it and share experiences. He called on Nigeria to centralize its asset recovery and management systems. Bale further requested financial support from Nigeria as ARINWA is largely dependent on donors.

Responding, Acting Chairman of the Commission, Abdulkarim Chukkol, who was represented by Secretary of the Commission, Dr. George Ekpungu, said the EFCC was established by law to coordinate all forms of economic and financial crimes in the country.

“Our region is prone to economic and financial crimes and corruption. Therefore, we should not let language become a barrier to helping each other and ARIN-WA should take the lead in promoting this cooperation, which will simplify the process of information sharing,” he said.

Chukor expressed concerns about the assessment of Nigeria’s mutual evaluation report, stressing that the Nigerian government has established an effective legal framework, but due to the country’s vast size, the effects are not easy to see, and the country is doing its best to strengthen this.

“In addition to our existing legal system, in May 2022, the National Assembly passed the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) Bill and empowered all relevant agencies to establish the Proceeds of Crime Recovery and Management Department, with the EFCC being the first to create Such department. We have also opened an account with the CBN to deposit the recovered monies,” he said.

Ekpungu then committed to submit a request for financial support to the acting chairman of the committee and the Attorney-General of the Federation. He also expressed the Commission’s readiness to train ARIN-WA member countries on asset recovery and management processes at the EFCC Academy.

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