Ana Association rejects calls to oust federal government secretary Akume

Ana Association rejects calls to oust federal government secretary Akume

Arewa New Agenda, a policy advocacy group for northern Nigeria, expressed dissatisfaction with the call by some members of the Council of Ministers to oust Senator George Akum from his post as federal secretary.

Areva New Agenda, a prominent NGO that works to advance North Korea policy and create a path to peace and meaningful development, condemned calls by some to impeach the North Korean leader. Secretary-General of Talia’s government. Senator George Accum.

Members of the group, led by state president, Senator Ahmad Abubakar Moarahidi, made the remarks to the press on Saturday.

Senator Moarahiidi explained in his speech: “In this matter, ANA is aware that Honorable Chief Odu Ogbe has the right to express his political views in a press conference and to express his and Be The views of other leaders of the Idoma tribe in Nuai State, which showed their disapproval of the election of a minister representing the state from the Tiv tribe, he pointed out that this is an attempt to eliminate their tribe, the Idoma, from national politics.”

The ANA chairman stressed that while Chief Odu Ogbe had the right to express his opinion, he added that Senator George Akum was responsible for the incident in order to eliminate the Tiv tribe from politics. Chief Odu Ogbe did not doubt this, which could spell bad news for the entire Nigerian people.

Furthermore, in his speech, the Chairman of ANA explained that Senator George Akum is someone who is appreciated throughout the South and North of Nigeria as Secretary to the Federal Government because of his qualifications and moreover, the people of Nigeria appreciate him.

Very supportive of his position as he will be a good representative of the North especially Christians thus bringing balance to the administration of President Tinubu Atta everyone knows Akume and he is a man who has sacrificed a lot to see The people of this government were formed in the last election. 2023.

They should know that ministerial positions are conferred on the basis of merit and merit without regard to the tribe a person is from in his state as it is stated in the country’s constitution.

ANA also stressed that Chief Odu Ogbe and other supporters must know that the position of Secretary to the Federal Government held by Senator George Akum is beyond the political discourse of Benue State, but the discourse of national development and equality .

Under Nigeria’s democratic rule, Odu Ogburn’s dignity was reduced to that of Kolafi’s son, who holds the title of elder of the country. For this reason, ANA strongly appeals to him to immediately withdraw this accusation and those baseless and helpless remarks.

In addition, President Muarahidi also called on all the elders and elites of Benue State to work hard to create a good political and social unity of the people of Benue State, and to work hard for the development of the country, lasting peace and mutual love. Among the different ethnic groups living in the state.

Senator Moarahiidi then called on President Tinub to ensure that his policies are good for the development of the country and away from those who are meaningless.

ANA also appealed to all the people of the North for their continued support and best wishes to Senator George Akume as secretary to the government of Talea and leader of the government of President Tinub.

In conclusion, the New Agenda for the North (ANA) underscored that vigorous efforts will continue to ensure the achievement of the goal of promoting peace and development in communities and unity among people across northern Nigeria.

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