Katsina state government to set up Zakat and Waqf committee and pledge to contribute to building homes for orphans and refugees

Katsina state government to set up Zakat and Waqf committee and pledge to contribute to building homes for orphans and refugees


Author: Mukhtar Khaliru Tambwar Sokoto

The Katsina State Government works with the states to ensure that avenues are provided to develop the state’s economy, introduce infrastructure to the people, and help those in need, especially orphans, widows, elderly and other poor people. I think there should be a committee to receive and distribute zakat and religious funds like in Sokoto state i.e. zakat and religious funds in Sokoto state and Zamfara state etc.
The Governor of Katsina State has announced that he has donated millions of naira to start the groundwork for the construction of 400 orphanages.

Dear Governor Katsina, Maryland, Sunday, July 30, 2023. Dr. Dikko Umar Radda led the ground breaking of 400 homes, a hospital, a mosque, and a vocational training center for orphans and refugees in the New Dan Dagoro, Maryland community. Batagarawa Local Government, Katsina State.

Malam Dikko Radda spoke shortly before the project’s launch, praising and thanking the entire community for thinking about the project.

The Governor added: “Communities should keep investing, and they will be rewarded on Easter Day, and he should encourage them to keep doing this type of activity to feed the community, especially the poor.”

In the end, he disclosed financial donations of up to 100 million naira from the Katsina state government and local governments, of which 5 million naira came from himself and 10 million naira came from Alkh, a wealthy businessman in Katsina state. Dashru Mangal.

He also delivered a welcome address to Dr. Ahmad Musa Firin Samji, Chairman of the Katsina Zakat and Waqf Association, explaining the construction of houses and premises.

He said: “Plans have been drawn up to improve the lives of the residents in these houses by building palm farms and other precious trees and how the community will invest in this farm through religious funds.
In closing, he thanked the Governor of Katsina State, as well as others in the community, for their contributions to the successful running of the project, which cost more than N100 million.

Many voices were heard, including representative Sadaukin Sakwato (Engr. Mal. Muhammad Lawal Maidoki), President of Sokoto State Zakat and Waqf, President of the National Zakat Association (represented by its Secretary Dr. Aliyu Muhammad Tahir), Katsina and Da on behalf of the Ulla Kings, academics and stakeholders.

Katsina State Government Chief of Staff Hon. attended the meeting at the site where the house was built. Jabiru Salisu Abdullahi, some of the leaders of Katsina State Local Government, Member of Parliament representing the local government, Hon. Aliyu Al Baba advises Katsina State Governor, women and men and other community members in particular.

A document distributed to the media and signed by CPS Ibrahim Kaula Muhammad said the state government will soon table a law in the state assembly under which the Zakat and Waqf committees will be established.

Experts confirmed that if all the northern governors and other governors of this country form committees and lose their support, as well as those who can continue to pay zakat or religious funds, then they will surely say goodbye to poverty and hardships of life. in the north. and other parts of the country.


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