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Fatima DIKKO RADDA Answers 7 Reasons Why Her Name Is Gold

Fatima DIKKO RADDA Answers 7 Reasons Why Her Name Is Gold


Author: Iro Manu Rimi (Golden Warrior)

Mr Haji. The origin of the name Fatima Dikko Radda comes from her owner Dr. Dikko Umar Radda, Governor of Katsina State. Research shows that whenever a person calls the moon or someone “Zinariya” or “Zinare,” that person is a misogynist.

This is the reason for Hajj. Fatima Dico Radha says:

1. She is a precious woman: If you call a person “gold”, it means that this person is precious first, because the origin of gold is a precious metal, and its value has not diminished for countless years in the eyes of the world.

2. She is a kind woman: Calling a person “Jin” means that a person is kind, compassionate, caring, and has good morals and qualities.

3. She is a dependable woman: Just as gold is considered dependable and dependable, so is a lord because she is dependable and dependable.

4. She is a woman of brilliance: Her brilliance is one of the reasons Gwagware calls her “gold” because wherever her feet go, she lights up those who sit or stand there.

5. She is a woman of good conduct: The word “gold” is used to describe a person with a good outlook on life. That’s why she shines and brings happiness to the community.

6. She’s a special woman: She’s hard to find because she’s special. If we consider gold, no such metal has been found since the foundation of the world.

7. She is a generous woman: Generosity is associated with wealth, which is what makes her a generous woman and a good nature to give.


Mai mala buni govt of Yobe State provide food support to 500 disabled people under SEMA

Brahma Jararuden

Tomorrow is Tuesday, the Yobe State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA), led by Dr Mohammed Goje, will provide food support to 500 people with special needs to make their lives easier.

As always, SEMA will target beneficiaries of all 17 local government indigent programs, in partnership with the state’s Special Needs Team, pursuant to Governor Mai Mala Buni’s order.

As in previous years, whenever SEMA provides support or emergency assistance across the country, it provides food, agriculture and more support to hundreds of people with special needs.

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