Engausa Global Tech Hub: Breaking Barriers and Bridging Gaps

Engausa Global Tech Hub is a community of technologists, innovators and entrepreneurs with a shared goal of driving technology, digital innovation and entrepreneurship in Northern Nigeria. The Hub provides the necessary support and resources needed to help individuals and organizations bring their ideas to life.

With a motto of breaking barriers and bridging gaps, Engausa Global Tech Hub offers mentorship opportunities to young people and aspiring entrepreneurs, giving them the necessary guidance and support they need to realize their dreams. The Hub aims to empower young people and set them on a path to success by teaching them critical skills in digital innovation and entrepreneurship.

Engausa Global Tech Hub’s mission is to create a community of trailblazers, role models and pioneers who can inspire others to follow in their footsteps. The Hub aims to create a culture of excellence and innovation that will help transform Northern Nigeria and put it on the global map as a hub for digital innovation.

The Hub provides training in digital skills, coding and entrepreneurship. Through its programs, the Hub aims to equip young people with the skills they need to compete in the digital economy and succeed in the business world. Engausa Global Tech Hub also offers mentorship opportunities to help young entrepreneurs overcome any challenges they may face along the way.

With a focus on cross-cultural collaboration, Engausa Global Tech Hub aims to bridge gaps and connect people from diverse backgrounds. The Hub also aims to help those who may face barriers, such as those from marginalized communities and those without access to formal education.

Engausa Global Tech Hub is committed to transforming Northern Nigeria and empowering young people to become the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs. The Hub envisions a future where Northern Nigeria is known for its digital innovation and entrepreneurial excellence.

Join the Engausa Global Tech Hub community and be a part of this exciting journey of innovation, entrepreneurship and digital transformation. With their help, you can break barriers and achieve your dreams.


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