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What to do as a tenant if your landlord sells the home you currently live in?

What to do as a tenant if your landlord sells the home you currently live in?

First, you need to know that a landlord has the right to sell their property at any time.
It doesn’t matter whether the property has tenants or not, and whether they just renewed their lease or are long-term tenants of the property.

He also doesn’t need the tenant’s permission to sell his property.

While a landlord can sell at any time, a new buyer or landlord cannot take immediate possession like this.
There are laws that regulate the process of taking possession of a new property in which tenants live.

Selling a property does not give the new landlord or owner the right to forcibly evict any tenants from the property.

The rent you paid to the previous landlord remains in effect, and the new landlord cannot terminate it for any reason.

You are entitled to 6 months’ notice to quit when the rent is due.

The new owner does not have the right to start demolishing the building or part of the building in order to inconvenience the tenants.

The new owner has no right to intimidate or abuse you for any reason.

The new owner has no right to physically attack you or take some thugs and threaten you to leave.

If the new owner or landlord violates any of the above laws.

As a tenant, you can arrest the new landlord at will and take him to court immediately

Let him tell the court who gave him the power to break the law because he just bought a new house.

Another situation is a question like this


Landlord or Tenant?

This is a question a lot of people send to my inbox and I want to fix it once and for all now.

Under the law, landlords are expected to ensure that the property is in a suitable condition for tenants to live in, and it is also the landlord’s responsibility to ensure that basic facilities are available for tenants.

Soaking is one of the basics of a landlord’s property, so it is the landlord’s responsibility to ensure it is in good condition.

The landlord either stays in the yard or doesn’t live in the yard.
The law doesn’t care.

Landlords have refused to set aside “soaking,” giving tenants the right to sue landlords for refunds of the rent they paid.

If the landlord is found guilty of these charges, the court will order him to refund the tenant the full rent

Not knowing the law is no excuse

This also applies to repairing a house or repairing a water pump

Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

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