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The Prophet SAW delivers a heartbreaking farewell sermon on a day like today (Arfa)

The Prophet SAW delivers a heartbreaking farewell sermon on a day like today (Arfa)

On this day, the tenth year of the migration calendar, the ninth day of the Zurhija calendar, the Prophet Muhammad SAW delivered a heartbreaking sermon on Mount Arafat (Alpha Day).

The Supreme Lord (S.A.W) begins by saying:

“People, please pay attention to me, for oil
Maybe I won’t be with you anymore
not this year so listen
What I tell you is good, and (you deliver
and what I’m about to tell you) for those who are not
this place today.

People, when you take this
month, (Hajj) and the day (Alpha) and
The city (Mecca) is also great
So, what do you hold, then do you hold the soul of a Muslim?
and their wealth and growth
Conservation, giving back to people what they give
Believe me. don’t hurt anyone ’cause you don’t hurt anyone
Let them hurt you.

remember, god will do
Focus on your work. God Forbid (SWT)
profit, (i.e. interest) therefore, all
This is signed with interest and then it’s settled.
Beware of the devil, stay safe
your faith. Now he’s desperate to mislead you
Because of this, the main thing (new)
Avoid following him on small children.

Dear people, you do have the right to do so
your wives but they have rights too
themselves, then their rights against you and theirs
And clothe them with compassion. treat them
Good luck. and treat them tenderly
Because they are also the guardians of your affairs
Your assistants, they have a responsibility not to
Make friends with anyone you don’t like and stay away

People, worship God well
(SWT) to formulate five (5) obligatory prayers that you
Fast during Ramadan and pay zakat.
If you can, go for Hajj.

you know every muslim is a fellow muslim
This is. You are all the same. no one has
Take precedence over others unless out of fear of God
Do good things.

remember one day you’ll stop
Because of the results of your works, before your Lord,
So be careful not to repeat
The right way after I left.

O people, no prophet or messenger can
follow me no other religion will come
(after Islam), so do
think carefully about what i said
Serves you, and understands it (very well).

I will leave you with two (2) things; (Quran
Ani) and (Sunnah). if you follow this
You will never get lost.

Anyone who hears this will make others happy, and they will make others happy themselves, and many times those who end up hearing my words will understand what I am talking about better than those who are listening now.

O Allah…be my witness that I have delivered
send you to the servants. ”

Brothers and sisters, spread the sermons of our beloved Prophet Muhammad S.A.W to the people
muslim mother

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