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Among Buhari’s ministers, I worked harder than anyone, says Dr Isa Pantami

Among Buhari’s ministers, I worked harder than anyone, says Dr Isa Pantami

Leaving the throne of minister, I have peace of mind and more joy in life

From Imam Aliyu Indabawa

In an interview with Sunnah TV, Dr Pantami explained that groups from Europe came to Nigeria to monitor the efforts of the ministers, but he was always the most diligent of them all.

He explained that for his efforts, he has won three major awards and that before his arrival the Ministry of Transport brought Nigeria five hundred and one billion but after his arrival the amount was coming back to four thousand and eighty 100 million.

achieved great success.”

Even before the new president, Bola Ahmad Tinub, was sworn in, some in Dr Pantami’s circle had been calling for the new government to return him to his seat, but others ignored the call.

Opponents of the return of former minister Pantami questioned the caller, saying that as a man regarded as the leader of Islam, he spent four years working, but Islam did not take advantage of any opportunities that Malam had, Especially to stop corrupt and horrible practices. Things to do with communication.

They also stressed that they saw nothing real because the poor did not benefit from Malam’s work, apart from VAT. Develop a strategy to catch strays. Those who hold this view, however, are told that they are jealous of Malam.

They also said that never before has a government made the poor suffer from hunger and misery as Buhari did because of lack of security and it was during Buhari’s reign that few families were able to eat three meals a day because prices were high. The cost of food and the steps taken by the former president. But Pantami got rid of himself because he got the post and when he criticized the mistakes of the previous leaders which had nothing to do with Buhari’s mistakes, he cried that God would not take a stick and there would be oppression in Nigeria without him When he came out to speak, God killed him before that, he said those who are in political positions took their belongings from the presence of the Prophet (PBUH) until he criticized the wealth and riches of the ministers and their wives, while The poor sleep in famine.

However, there was a response to this idea. It is said that Malam had no chance to meet the leader to tell him the truth before, but now he has this opportunity. The opposition said he never apologized to the people for pointing out to Buhari the situation of the people due to the closure of Boda and preventing traders from exchanging dollars.

Do you support President Thienub’s restoration of Malam Pantami’s ministerial seat?

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