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Nigerian envoy praises EFCC Academy

Nigerian envoy praises EFCC Academy

Ambassador Abdullahi Shehu, Nigeria’s Ambassador to Russia, on Monday, June 19, hailed the remarkable transformation of the EFCC Academy in Abuja Karu. The envoy is himself a former director of the EFCC Training and Research Institute, the predecessor of the TRI, where he facilitated training on international standards for investigating money laundering and terrorist financing.

He expressed his gratitude to the Committee for inviting him to come and impart knowledge to the officers of the Committee of which he was one of the founders. “I have come here as a brother and former colleague to contribute to the growth and development of this institution,

“I thank the Executive Chairman of the EFCC for authorizing me to be here and the Commander for deeming me worthy of coming and sharing my little knowledge with you.”

Talking further about his training involvement. Ambassador Xie Hu said that the five-day course aims to improve the professional ethics and operational level of the staff, “to see if we are making progress, and how we can brainstorm ways and means to improve the work, make the committee better and Nigeria bigger”.

He said he was pleased that the committee’s goal of digitizing its systems, which had begun during his tenure as a staff member of the academy, had now been achieved.

Envoys received by Academy Dean and EFCC Commander Ayo Olowonihi also commended the Commander for his excellence in meeting the human and progressive professional development needs of EFCC staff

Olowonish thanked Ambassador Xie Hu for his return and the opportunity to share his rich international experience. “Thank you so much for accepting our invitation. We acknowledge that it was a big consideration for us that you came out of love for us.


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