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Spyro ft Yiwa Savage-Who is you Guy? Remix (Official video)

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Spyro ft Yiwa Savage-Who is you Guy? Remix (Official video)

Of course, a man, as we have said, is the secret of women’s happiness because there is no way to be happy without a man, that is the secret of everything. If you see a woman is fresh and beautiful, you will surely find a man. It is the secret of God that men are gifted, not a little girl. The secret is kept in their class.

A lot of women have testified to this and the way it is said that there is no talk of lying or arguing within a man is the secret of bringing happiness in the life of women. A man is the first and most precious creature among all creatures. A man is the privilege of every woman, whether you are young or old. This is how God has planned the life of this person.

The man who leads every house is the wall of the building of everyone who is in that house because he has to go out and live. Everyone knows that God is the king. The man is the father of everyone. But despite the same, women even call men a title that says that the man is the supporter. transfer.

Likewise, a man gets married, pays a dowry, builds a house, and takes daily bread for sickness. If it comes, it is God who seeks the cure. do it well and believe.

But some and many women have understood that their lives will never be possible without a man. The son is the foundation of every woman’s wall. The son of our family. Our father’s dream is always to see us happy. Even though he will be sad, God is my father. God is my father. He blesses you, ameen.


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