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Omaha Lay (Safe Haven Official Music Video)

Safe haven by Omaha Lay official video.

Omaha Lay is one of the most popular English singers in Nigeria. The singer is definitely playing a great role in his English songs. It’s a lot of fun, I die every time, that’s my main goal every day is to bring things that I haven’t done before, said the Omaha Lay singer.

The singer Omaha Lay added that there is nothing in the world that he has not achieved, there is nothing that he can say but thanks to God for the gift of different colors, he did not give the song to his fans, this is definitely thanks to God and more. Thank you to the fans across Nigeria and the whole world.

This is one of the songs that I have prepared for you in this new year to make your life happy and relaxed. Your happiness is the thing that makes me happy every day. the rest of the songs are coming soon.

My dears, please listen to this new song of mine, and listen to what is coming for you. Our only hope is that you enjoy the song, that it brings you happiness and success.

There is nothing more than knowing that I am dying. tell us about the skills of composing some new songs differently than before.


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