Lists of courses offered at Federal Polytechnic Kabo

Kabo Polytechnic Kabo poly.

Federal Polytechnic Kabo which is one of the 6 schools owned by the federal government which was brought during the time of President Muhammadu Buhari federal polytechnic Kano state is done by the Kabo local government in Kano in the northern part of Nigeria for the girl to become a hero in the rano local government Kano state Nigeria.

There is no doubt that the school has many courses to give our children knowledge. The principal of the school is very important to know the poor and to know their progress in every aspect. by Federal Polytechnic Kabo.

Also, the principal of the school has made these courses more suitable, starting with the ones before confirming the rest of the courses and after that they are more suitable and they can do their best to see the children’s lives improve according to the first principal of the school who was chosen by the federal government. as the head of the Federal Polytechnic Kabo.

Below are some of the lists of courses offered in Federal Polytechnic Kabo.

Computer Science

Agriculture Technology

Business Administration


Electrical Electronic


Public Administration

International Relations

Library and information Technology

Mass communication

Political science


Economic etc.

These are some of the courses before the arrival of the rest of the courses that we have to do from different departments in the school in order to improve the education and improve the lives of our brothers and sisters as we need to try to bring about change in the country as a whole so that the children will persevere. to do what they came to do is to gain knowledge.

We wish everyone good luck. God bless everyone who comes to this school. God bless us and we are responsible for taking care of everything. study properly, this is how we want the local government to celebrate the arrival of this school federal polytechnic kabo Kano state Nigeria Knowledge is the power and the keys of success in life.

We are sending a message of thanks to Senate Barau I Jibrin Maliya, who is the reason for coming to this school. Federal Polytechnic Kabo provide qualify education like BUK and ABU universities are probably even some people who do not understand the school’s reason for providing quality education federal polytechnic kabo is the best.


Federal Polytechnic, Kabo, offers a diverse range of courses catering to a wide spectrum of career aspirations. With a commitment to practical education, the institution prepares students for success in their chosen fields, providing them with valuable skills and knowledge to excel in the job market.

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