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Sabbin Wakokin Buhari Tiggi Mp3.

The new songs of the famous singer Buhari Tiggi one of the most famous and amazing singers among the new and amazing singers in the world it’s Buhari Tiggi the joy of our fans it always motivating us because the happiness of our fans is our happiness.

We are dying  Greetings to your loved ones, we are trying to bring you new things that are right for the times, the joy of every moment is the dream.We are only happy to see your happiness, dear ones, we are so proud of you.


The site promises to bring you hot Hausa songs that will make you very happy while listening. Because the happiness of our fans is our greatest happiness, we are proud of you.


I wish all my loved ones good luck and hope for success wherever they are. May God bless you and give us the power to make your soul happy. We are proud of you and thank you.

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