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Mourning the Departure of a Fearless Leader: Rotimi Akeredolu

Mourning the Departure of a Fearless Leader: Rotimi Akeredolu


In the solemn task of bidding farewell to a beloved soul, the weight of sorrow is profound. Particularly in our African traditions, eulogizing a younger individual intensifies this sorrow. Today, I find myself faced with the challenging duty of lamenting the departure of Oluwarotimi Odunayo Akeredolu, not just a brother but a confidant, a political kindred spirit, and the esteemed Governor of Ondo State.

No words can adequately encapsulate Rotimi’s stature and essence. He was a force that propelled our nation toward equity, fairness, and justice. His tireless advocacy against injustice, whether through the law as a senior advocate, as the Attorney General of his beloved state, as President of the Nigerian Bar Association, or as the Governor of Ondo State, resonated across the nation.

During a pivotal moment in our state’s history, when darkness threatened our land, Rotimi stood as a resolute voice urging a reevaluation of our security framework for a safer nation. His relentless advocacy bore fruit with the establishment of local police in the South West.

Rotimi embodied action and ideas. Through his tenure as Governor over the past six years, he served Ondo State with unwavering dedication, leaving an indelible mark through the extensive network of roads, numerous schools, and healthcare facilities he established. His leadership shone brightest during dark times, guiding the state through harrowing ordeals, like the tragic incident where 40 Catholic worshippers in Owo were ruthlessly killed on June 5, 2022. He stood as a mourner-in-chief, guiding his people through anguish.

My journey with Rotimi began amidst our shared commitment to the progressive cause. Together, we fought battles to reinstate progressive governance in the South West, Edo State, and Nigeria as a whole. His resolve and bravery never wavered, evident in his staunch support as a member of our legal team in reclaiming stolen mandates in various states.

I encouraged Rotimi to vie for the governorship of Ondo State in 2012, and despite initial setbacks, his determination to serve never faltered. Finally assuming office in 2017, he devoted himself to the service of his people.

Rotimi’s departure is a loss beyond measure. His legacy as a valiant defender of truth and the masses shall endure. To the people of Ondo State, I share in your grief. We must honor Rotimi’s memory and ensure that his legacy of service remains immortal.

In my mourning, I reached out to his wife, Betty, and Acting Governor Lucky Aiyedatiwa, extending heartfelt condolences and urging strength in this national tragedy.

Governor Akeredolu was not merely a friend, ally, or associate; he was a brother and a kindred spirit.

His absence leaves a void in our governing APC and the progressive family, a void we keenly feel.

May his successor, Aiyedatiwa, uphold the governance vision left by this towering political luminary.

H.E. Bola Ahmed Tinubu President, Federal Republic of Nigeria December 27, 2023

A New Year’s Message from the President of Nigeria

My Fellow Nigerians,

As we stand on the threshold of a new year, it is with great joy and hope that I extend my warmest greetings to each and every one of you. The arrival of the New Year signifies not just the passing of time but the dawn of new opportunities, fresh aspirations, and renewed determination.

On this auspicious day, I wish to express my heartfelt wishes for a Happy New Year to all Nigerians, both within our beloved nation and across the globe. May this year be one filled with prosperity, peace, and unity for our great country.

As we embrace the promise of a new beginning, let us reflect on the journey behind us and look forward with optimism to the path ahead. Together, let us reaffirm our commitment to building a Nigeria that thrives on the values of inclusivity, progress, and togetherness.

Let us continue to work hand in hand, transcending our differences, to create a nation where every citizen’s potential is nurtured and where opportunities abound for all. Let us strive for a Nigeria where peace and harmony reign in every corner, where the aspirations of our youth find fertile ground to flourish, and where every community thrives in development.

As your President, I am committed to the welfare and progress of our nation. I pledge to continue working tirelessly with you all, in unity and solidarity, to steer our country towards greater heights and prosperity.

Let us step into this New Year with unwavering resolve and a collective determination to make Nigeria a beacon of hope and progress in the global community.

Once again, I wish you all a Happy New Year filled with joy, success, and blessings.

God bless Nigeria.

Yours sincerely,

[President’s Bola Ahmed Tinubu] President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

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