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Governor Malam Umar Namadi of Jigawa State has inaugurated a new advisory council comprising 33 members, including Dr. Hauwa Mustapha Babura and 32 other advisors.

Governor Malam Umar Namadi of Jigawa State has inaugurated a new advisory council comprising 33 members, including Dr. Hauwa Mustapha Babura and 32 other advisors.


The governor emphasized the importance of these appointees in contributing to the advancement of education and knowledge in various fields. His priority remains to ensure their collective efforts lead to progress and the well-being of the state’s populace.


Governor Namadi highlighted that the selection process was meticulous, focusing on competence, dedication, and a commitment to serve the community.

Furthermore, he outlined a 12-point agenda for his administration aimed at uplifting Jigawa State, emphasizing a transparent and accountable governance system.

The inauguration ceremony held at the Banquet Hall witnessed the presence of esteemed dignitaries, including members of the State Assembly and well-wishers.

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Governor Malam Umar Namadi Sets Stage for Progress with New Advisory Council

In a significant stride toward bolstering Jigawa State’s path to development, Governor Malam Umar Namadi recently announced the inauguration of a robust advisory council. Comprising 33 distinguished members, this council marks a pivotal step in steering the state towards greater progress and advancement.

At the forefront of this esteemed council is the accomplished Dr. Hauwa Mustapha Babura, alongside 32 other seasoned advisors carefully selected for their expertise and dedication to steering Jigawa State towards a brighter future.

The governor’s emphasis on assembling a diverse council of advisors reflects a commitment to harnessing multifaceted perspectives across various fields. This council is envisioned to play a crucial role in shaping policies, fostering innovation, and driving impactful decisions that resonate with the needs of the state’s populace.

Governor Namadi’s strategic selection process focused on competence, expertise, and a profound commitment to service. Each member brings a unique skill set and a shared vision of contributing to the advancement of education, governance, and overall societal well-being within Jigawa State.

The inauguration of this council signifies a new chapter in the governance of Jigawa State, marked by a collective drive towards progress, transparency, and inclusive governance. Governor Namadi’s dedication to assembling such a comprehensive advisory council underscores his unwavering commitment to steering the state towards sustainable growth and development.

This pivotal moment sets the stage for an era of collaboration, innovation, and impactful decision-making. With the collective wisdom and expertise of these advisors, Jigawa State is poised to chart a course towards a more prosperous and vibrant future for all its citizens.

The inauguration ceremony, held amidst a gathering of dignitaries and well-wishers at the Banquet Hall, symbolized the collective optimism and shared commitment to the state’s progress.

The inauguration of this advisory council is a testament to Governor Malam Umar Namadi’s visionary leadership and unwavering determination to propel Jigawa State to new heights of success and prosperity.

Stay tuned for more updates on the transformative initiatives and impactful endeavors set to unfold under the guidance of this dynamic advisory council.

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Fostering Education and Knowledge Advancement: Governor Namadi’s Vision for Jigawa State

In a recent address, Governor Malam Umar Namadi of Jigawa State underscored the pivotal role of appointed advisors in driving the advancement of education and knowledge across diverse domains. Emphasizing their significance, the governor reaffirmed his commitment to leveraging their expertise for the betterment of the state’s educational landscape.

Governor Namadi’s vision resonates with a deep-seated belief in the transformative power of education. He highlighted the crucial contribution these appointees are poised to make in revolutionizing educational paradigms, fostering innovation, and nurturing talent across various sectors within Jigawa State.

The governor’s emphasis on education as a cornerstone of societal progress reflects a forward-thinking approach to ensuring that the state remains at the forefront of knowledge acquisition and dissemination. By assembling a council comprising experts from multifaceted backgrounds, Governor Namadi aims to harness a diverse spectrum of ideas and expertise to shape a robust educational framework.

Furthermore, the governor’s focus on knowledge advancement underscores his commitment to not only improving academic standards but also nurturing an environment conducive to research, innovation, and intellectual growth. This holistic approach aligns with his vision to equip the youth with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in an ever-evolving global landscape.

Governor Namadi’s call to action for these appointees resonates with the need for collective efforts in steering Jigawa State towards becoming a hub of learning, innovation, and academic excellence. Their role extends beyond advisory; it encapsulates a shared responsibility to empower individuals, drive progress, and uplift communities through accessible and quality education.

As Jigawa State moves forward under Governor Namadi’s leadership, the focus on education and knowledge advancement stands as a testament to his unwavering dedication to laying a robust foundation for the state’s future success.

Stay tuned for updates as these appointees embark on their journey to drive educational reform, innovation, and knowledge dissemination in Jigawa State.

Hon. Muhammad Isma’il, S.A Photography And Publication.


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