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Governor Radda Appoints 34 Special Assistants on Media Relations in Katsina State

Governor Radda Appoints 34 Special Assistants on Media Relations in Katsina State


In a move aimed at bolstering information dissemination and enhancing communication between the government and its people in Katsina State, Governor Dikko Umaru Radda has appointed 34 individuals to serve as Special Assistants on Media Relations.

This recent development, as reported by Katsina Reporters alongside the aid of the Governor’s Senior Special Assistant on Digital Media, Hon. Isa Miqdaq AD Saude, signifies the administration’s commitment to amplifying vital information flow and addressing public concerns within the Katsina State populace.

The appointed individuals include:

  1. Muhammad Ahmad – Katsina
  2. Hambali Tukur – Batagarawa
  3. Abubakar Yusuf – Charanchi
  4. Aminu Muhammad – Rimi
  5. Abubakar Haruna – Dutsin-ma
  6. Abubakar Salisu Zomo – Kurfi
  7. Imrana Sani – Safana
  8. Ahmad Sanda Umar – Batsari
  9. Sanusi Bello Ahmad – Danmusa
  10. Sani Idris – Jibiya
  11. Yunusa Abdullahi – Kaita
  12. Abubakar Abdullahi – Daura
  13. Nura Ilyasu – Sandamu
  14. Abdulbasi Bello – Mai’adua
  15. Musbahu Rabe – Zango
  16. Bishir Lawal Ibrahim – Baure
  17. Hamisu Salisu Mashi – Mashi
  18. Auwa Musa Dutsi – Dutsi
  19. Kabir Garba – Bindawa
  20. Shamsu Tukur – Mani
  21. Mahmood Hussain – Kankia
  22. Aliyu Isa yashe – Kusada
  23. Ibrahim Nasir – Ingawa
  24. Aminu Abdullahi Yahya – Funtua
  25. Abdulmajid Yusuf – Malumfashi
  26. Umar Usman – Kafur
  27. Nura Sani Garu – Musawa
  28. Shuaibu Abubakar – Matazu
  29. Muhammad Sale Kankara – Kankara
  30. Shuaibu Shehu Gata – Faskari
  31. Hamisu Rabiu – Sabuwa
  32. Hassan Shuaibu – Dandume
  33. Adamu Muhammad – Bakori
  34. Abdulbasid Sagir Dabai – Danja

The primary objective of these appointments is to ensure efficient coordination within government structures, validating the government’s dedication to transparency and effective communication with the citizens of Katsina State.

Governor Dikko Umaru Radda, PhD, has expressed gratitude to the newly appointed aides and implored them to utilize their roles effectively in propagating accurate information through various media platforms.

Issued by: Isah Miqdad, Senior Special Assistant on Digital Media for Chief Press Secretary. 14/11/2023

Governor Radda’s Vision for Enhanced Information Flow in Katsina State

In a decisive move to strengthen communication channels and bridge the information gap between the government and the people of Katsina State, a recent development reported by Katsina Reporters has brought to light a significant stride by Governor Dikko Umaru Radda’s administration. This milestone, supported by the Governor’s Senior Special Assistant on Digital Media, Hon. Isa Miqdaq AD Saude, underscores a profound commitment to bolstering essential information dissemination and addressing public concerns within the Katsina State populace.

The appointment of 34 individuals as Special Assistants on Media Relations stands as a testament to the administration’s unwavering dedication to fostering a transparent and responsive government. These appointments are strategically designed to facilitate a more streamlined and effective flow of vital information, ensuring that the voices and concerns of the citizens are heard and addressed promptly.

Governor Radda’s foresight in establishing this cadre of media liaisons is a testament to his vision for an inclusive and well-informed society. By empowering these individuals, the administration aims to establish robust communication networks that transcend traditional boundaries, reaching every corner of Katsina State.

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, access to accurate and timely information is paramount. The governor’s proactive approach in fortifying these communication channels signifies a deep-rooted commitment to transparency, accountability, and citizen-centric governance.

As Hon. Isa Miqdaq AD Saude aptly articulated, this initiative is not just about amplifying information flow but also about actively engaging with public concerns. It reflects a proactive stance towards addressing societal needs and ensuring that the government remains accessible and responsive to the aspirations of the people it serves.

Through the collaborative efforts of the appointed Special Assistants on Media Relations, the administration endeavors to create an environment where information is disseminated accurately and efficiently, fostering a more engaged and empowered populace.

Governor Radda’s unwavering commitment to enhancing information flow and responsiveness within Katsina State serves as a beacon for progressive governance. This recent development is not merely an administrative action; it signifies a profound step towards building an informed, connected, and participatory society.

As these efforts unfold, it is evident that the administration remains resolute in its pursuit of a more transparent, accountable, and people-centric government, promising a brighter and more inclusive future for the citizens of Katsina State.

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