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The new KSCWC security force formed by the Dr. Umar Dikko Radda administration has arrested a person for allegedly smuggling ammunition to bandits in Katsina State.

The new KSCWC security force formed by the Dikko Radda administration has arrested a person for allegedly smuggling ammunition to bandits in Katsina State.

Reporters in Katsina have now received information that new security operatives of the KSCWC in Batsari town formed by the Dikko Radda da administration have successfully arrested a man in Basari local government area for allegedly smuggling ammunition to bandits. nation. Katsina.

According to Katsina Correspondents, security forces have arrested KSCWC after successfully arresting the suspect and handing him over to Batsari Police for investigation.

If you don’t remember that was last Tuesday. The Katsina State Government under Malam Dikko Umar Radda has deployed about 1,500 KSCWC security forces to protect the state from bandits.

The incident occurred today, Friday, October 13, 2023, when people were trying to reach the forest to deliver bullets to the gunman.


Lado Foundation has paid the registration fees for over 70 Katsina students studying at BUK University in Kano State

The Lado Development Foundation pays more than the registration fee for Katsina students studying at BUK University to continue their studies.

The foundation is run by His Excellency Yakubu Lado Danmarke, PDP’s Katsina State gubernatorial candidate for the 2023 elections, to help the people of Katsina State.

Likewise, the foundation has taken on the responsibility of paying the B.U.K. school registration fees for more than 70 students.

If you don’t remember, just last week, BUK University students from Katsina State submitted a petition to Lado Danmarke asking for help in paying their registration fees as they had no money and no deadline from the school board. She asked me to pay the tuition in full

Accordingly, Senator Jakub Rado Denmark has established an emergency committee to evaluate the students to ensure that school sponsors are paid so that they can continue their studies and avoid any obstacles in their studies.

This is a great effort, especially at a time when the people are in need, and we call on the community, especially the rich in Shuwa Gabani, to learn from him.

Internet fraud: Associates of international ‘catcher’ Osundu Igwelo jailed for 16 years in Lagos

Justice I.O. Ijelu of the Special Offenses Court, Ikeja, Lagos, sentenced Anana Keneth Emeka to 16 years in prison for computer related fraud.

Emeka was arrested at his residence at No. 567, Road 21, Mayfair Garden Estate, Awoaya, Lagos State, after he filed a lawsuit against Osundu Victor Ige, the leader of the criminal network “Catcher” who had been under surveillance Osondu Victor Igwilo was investigated for suspected criminal activities. He was on the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) list since 2018 until his arrest by EFCC operatives on Thursday, March 11, 2022.

The offender was first tried on 7 June 2022 on three charges and then again on 28 December 2022 on eight amended charges involving possession of fraudulent documents, forgery, giving false information and impersonation.

The first count is: “Ajana Kenneth Emeka, sometime in the year 2022, in Lagos, within the jurisdiction of this Court, with intent to defraud, held in the name of “HANY A.O. authority” fraudulent documents. Which statements were printed from your phone that you knew or should have known were fraudulent. ”

The second read: “Ajana Kenneth Emeka, sometime in the year 2022, in Lagos, within the jurisdiction of this Honorable Court, with intent to defraud, was in possession of fraudulent documents in which you lied to unsuspecting members Call yourself “Christopher Dodds.” Public, that statement was printed from your phone and you knew or should have known that the statement was fraudulent.”

Third reading: “Ajana Kenneth Emeka, sometime in the year 2018, in Lagos within the jurisdiction of this Court, with intent to defraud, knowingly forged a document entitled “National Driving License of the Federal Republic of Nigeria” in the name of The L/N APP40679AA79 issued by you claims to be EMEKA NWAGU issued by the Federal Road Safety Commission. ”

The defendant pleaded “not guilty” to the charges against him.

During the trial, the prosecution called witnesses, including an FBI representative, EFCC investigating officers and an EFCC forensic expert who analyzed the defendant’s mobile device.

The prosecution also submitted several documents that were admitted by the court as evidence against the defendants. However, during the submission of the defendant’s extrajudicial statement, SAN’s defense counsel, C. Obieze, objected to the defendant’s extrajudicial statement on the ground of voluntariness.
Accordingly, the judge ordered an in-court trial and the defendant’s extrajudicial statements were subsequently admitted into evidence. After the prosecution concluded its case, the defendant appeared in court to defend himself and denied all the charges against him.

Delivering judgment on October 3, 2023, Justice Ijeru held that the prosecution had proved the eight counts against him beyond reasonable doubt and declared him guilty of all the counts.

He was therefore sentenced to two years for each count one to three, with the option of a fine of N250,000; two years for the fourth count, with a fine of N300,000; two years for the last five counts, and Punishable with a fine of N250,000; the sixth to last count, two years’ imprisonment with an optional fine of N250,000; two counts each of seven and eight, with an optional fine of N300,000.

The fine must be paid within 30 days, otherwise the sentence will be served.

The judge also ordered the forfeiture of items and properties recovered from him on behalf of the victim, including a Samsung Galaxy mobile device and a house located at 567, Road 21, Mayfair Garden Estate, Awoyaya, Lagos. .

Schedule of 43 Goods That Tinubu Agreed to be Imported into Nigeria to Help the Poor, After Buhari Banned Their Importation During His Administration

1. Rice
2. Cement
3. Magarin – (Bread Butter)
4. Control oil
5. Peanut butter
6. Spinach oil and vegetables
7. Meat and processed meat
8. Vegetables and processed vegetables
9. Poultry and processed poultry products
10. Canned fish, Geisha or sardine
11. Sheet metal i.e. pallet
12. Long pan
13. Short pan
14. Wilbaro
15. The king’s bowl
16. Metal boxes and containers
17. Fall and die
18. Badujala
19. Metal foil
20. Rodi wire – damaged and undamaged
21. Rodi style
22. Rodi Bagobiri
23. Mesh wire
24. Close
25. Security wire and pegs
26. Fatikus bodi
27. Faibod and palette
28. Philod
29. Wooden doors
30. Negligence
31. Glass and articles made of glass
32. Kitchen utensils
33. Table setting
34. Tile
35. Gas cylinder
36. Woven fabrics
37. Clothes
38. Products made of rubber
39. Plastic i.e. Polypropylene
40. The lid to cover the candy with a bag
41. Soap and

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