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People in the north complained that BBC Hausa was unable to talk about the situation of people in the region.

People in the north complained that BBC Hausa was unable to talk about the situation of people in the region, especially in recent days when the situation in the north has caused a lot of grief.

Abba Sani Pantami Comr Abba Sani Pantami

To be honest, BBC Hausa is not free for us northerners, my reason is that there are no other newspapers in Nigeria that northerners follow and they have gone to the BBC Hausa page.

Nearly 50 percent of North Koreans follow the newspaper’s pages on Facebook and Twitter. In this situation, the people of the North have given up on the joy of self-sacrificing people who have openly expressed their grief over the situation of their citizens on social media and the BBC Hausa page should complain to us and show the situation to the world. Where we are.

Any northerner who wants his message to reach the authorities in the country and for the world to know his plight will be more satisfied to see his message on the BBC Hausa page, knowing that everyone in the country is paying attention to them , even Hausa badge click “Translate to English” to know what is written.

We call on the management of BBC Hausa to address these types of issues because if they do not they will anger the people of the North. behind.

I am sure if they did this to the BBC Hausa page, all the power of the page would be shaken because over 50% of the page’s followers are from the North.

We northerners should know that the BBC Hausa language website is not for northerners, nor is it for Nigerians or Africans. Our region already suffers greatly from a lack of newspapers, through no fault of our northern leaders.

But God willing, as young people coming up in the media industry, we are planning our own way to see us producing these big newspapers, but we have to need support in terms of equipment and so on. We feel in our hearts that, God willing, our dreams will come true.

Atiku wanted to get Tinubu’s documents to use in the Nigerian courts to prove his argument that Tinubu’s documents are fake, but now the court has ordered the University of Chicago to give Atiku a copy of the documents.

Copies of the documents that the University of Chicago will give to Atiku:

1. The original copy of the certificate of completion of TInubu Diploma in 1979.

2. Intervenor diploma awarded to Tinubu in 1979.

3. Attach to Atiku a copy of someone else’s Diploma completion certificate, which has the same stamp, seal and signature as Tinubu’s.

The court said that copies of the documents should be given to Atiku within 48 hours.

What do you say, on this matter?

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