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The Governor of Jigawa State, Malam Umar Namadi, Celebrated the Birth Month of Prophet Muhammad.

The Governor of Jigawa State, Malam Umar Namadi, Celebrated the Birth Month of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.)

In a heartwarming message, His Excellency Governor Mallam Umar Namadi extends greetings and congratulations to the Jigawa community and Muslims around the world on the birthday of the Prophet (PBUH).

In his message, Governor Malam Umar Namadi, commented on the importance of this auspicious time, which commemorates the birth of the best creature Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) “The light of light and the image of mercy for all mankind”.

“The life of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) has become a model for all the people of the world. His teachings of compassion, humility, justice, and strong truth continue to guide us in our daily lives. It is a day to remember the importance of following his good behavior and imitating his good behavior, he said.

The governor encourages everyone to take inspiration from the life of the Messenger of God and his teachings, especially in the face of challenges and uncertainties in the world. He called for the values ​​of love, tolerance, and mutual understanding to be used to build a community.

Governor Mallam Umar Namadi called on the people of Jigawa state to renew the resolution of unity that the state is known for. He calls on the people to work together to lift each other up, support the needy, and build a better future for their communities.

Governor Namadi concluded his message with prayers for peace, happiness and blessings for everyone and to remind us to follow the path of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.).

“May Allah make this Mawlid bring us peace, relaxation, and blessings. He reminded us of our duty to follow the path of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) and strive to be good in the community.”

Hermes Mohammed Gumel,
Chief Information Secretary to the Governor of Jigawa State.
September 27, 2023.

I was not involved in Mohbad’s murder, and I am not a drug addict, says singer Naira Marley

By Abba Abdulaziz Fari Funtua

In a statement he released last night, Naira Marley said that, like everyone else, he was also deeply troubled by the death of his former work boy.

Naira Marley said that Mohbad left the ‘Marlian Music’ company in September 2022, but he added that the disagreement between them is not such that one of them would wish his brother to die.

It is true that we had differences of understanding when we were working together, but the differences were not as big as people think. It’s not enough for us to wish each other death,” said Naira Marley.

He also said that they had tried to resolve the dispute through legal means before Mohbad’s death.

He also said that they had tried to resolve the dispute through legal means before Mohbad’s death.

Finally, he clarified that his company is not a drug dealing center or a secret organization.

The young man who stole more than a hundred phones was arrested at the Farm Center market in Kano

By Ahmad Kabo Idris

The Kano police force arrested a young man, Adamu Ibrahim, a resident of Sallari area, for allegedly opening 11 shops through the ceiling, and stealing 106 phones, 9 laptops, 9 ATM debit cards and other phone products at the Farm Center market in Kano. .

In a statement issued by the spokesperson of the SP, Abdullahi Haruna Kiyawa, she said that at first they received a complaint from the leaders of the Dan Sulaika group of shops in Kasuwar at the farm center on the 24th of last month, that they had gone up and opened their shops. 11 through the ceiling and took away their phones and accessories worth millions of naira.

The announcement added that the commissioner ordered the launch of a special investigation which led to the discovery and arrest of Ibrahim Adamu from Sallari area in Kano, who answered and confirmed that he alone stole 106 phones, 9 laptops and cash. the amount of One Hundred Fifteen Thousand Nine Hundred and 40 Naira, including some phone products.

In addition, the announcement also said that the suspect will be prosecuted once it is completed.


Kaduna State Governor Uba Sani

The Reasons Why Each Part Of The Lawyers Of The APC And PDP Parties Claim To Be The Ones Who Won In Court Over The Judgment Of Kaduna State Governorship Election

It is said that on the decision of the PDP to blame the APC for rigging the votes, after the explanation was completed, two of the three judges who decided the case, declared the Kaduna state election as inconclusive and ordered a re-election in some Districts in 4 local governments.

And the other judge ruled that the governor of Kaduna state is the legitimate elected governor of the state. Since the decision of the first two Judges, the news has gone out that the election has become inconclusive, because of their argument that the court uses the majority of Judges in making decisions.

This is the reason why now every side of the lawyers are claiming that they are victorious. Now we have to wait for the release of the document as a result of the court’s decision, it will divide the debate, on who is honest, then whoever loses will appeal.


BREAKING: Nigerian Footballer, Osimhen Deletes All His Pictures Wearing Napoli Shirts

By Abubakar Shehu Dokoki

This follows a video posted by his club Napoli on their Tiktok page, in which the video appears to be an insult to the player.

The video was described as heartless, and unfortunately for the player, he was unable to score a free kick against the goalkeeper.

The representative of the player, Roberto Calenda, stated that “what was published on the website of the Napoli football team is something that we cannot accept, and we will take the appropriate decision, in the appropriate way”.

If you remember the player Victor Osimhen, he helped his Napoli team to win the serie A championship last year, and he refused the offer to return to any team in Europe, but now here is what is happening with the team he His dedication and bravery.

Or why players face harassment? Especially those from Africa?

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