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Customs Academy Commander’s Introductory Course 17 Savoring the Originality of the Officer’s Work.

Customs Academy Commander’s Introductory Course 17 Savoring the Originality of the Officer’s Work


The Director, Nigeria Customs Command and Staff College (NCCSC), Gwagwalada, Assistant Comptroller General of Customs, Kingsley Egwu, stressed the need for entry-level course 17 to maintain originality in work during the commencement of training.

The Commander announced this on September 11, 2023, during the inauguration ceremony of the new batch of students commencing the Junior Staff Course, which is expected to last for three months.

The principal further urged students to work hard to improve themselves, strive to create original works, and will never tolerate copyright or plagiarism.

“In the academy, the most important thing is the originality of your work – the way you write or work. Use your own words; use your own concepts. It’s a clear definition of who you are. That’s what the service department says about your expectations.”

He stressed that the new batch of Junior Course 17 cadets need to make the most of their time at the academy and not take such opportunities for granted as it will be key to their advancement in the force and assuming higher responsibilities. future.

“The services would rather have you initiate some taxation, trade facilitation and secure all borders in your posts, instead we choose to subject you to such a course. Don’t take such opportunities for granted. Do whatever it takes to improve yourself ability to take on higher responsibilities in the future.”

The principal further warned the students to behave appropriately and abide by the rules and regulations, as students who made mistakes would be severely punished.

The college launched employee courses in 2017 to prepare mid-level cadres for higher responsibilities.


We are honored to host a high-level delegation of health care development partners in Kano today, led by Dr. Muhammad Ali Pat, Coordinating Minister, Ministry of Health.

I was also pleased to learn that this visit will result in a $50 million investment in our state’s health care system.

I commend the Honorable Minister and Dr. David Walton, representatives from the American AIDS Society, the Global Fund, the World Health Organization, and the Global Malaria Coordinator of the U.S. President’s Malaria Initiative for this incredible gesture. I assure them that we will do our best to achieve the common goal of universal health coverage. -AKY


State House Press Release

President Tinubu strengthens economic ties with South Africa; seeks reform of Bretton Woods institutions to enhance economic resilience in developing countries

President Bola Tinubu held extensive bilateral discussions with South African President Cyril Ramaphosa in New York City on Monday ahead of the United Nations General Assembly, advancing his diplomatic efforts to develop the economy and attract investment.

President Tinubu asserted that Africa must reach a consensus that the hundreds of billions of dollars spent over the years through international development finance institutions must address the specific needs of African developing countries, even if this is done solely with their own enlightened self-interest in mind.

At the end of the Second World War, the Marshall Plan was created in order to reconstruct and restore the economies of European countries through the Bretton Woods institutions. Where is this presence in Africa? We must be careful not to replace the broken shackles of yesterday. ” With a new set of shackles. You cannot have a stable democracy when knowledge is lacking and people are hungry. Democracy has no food and will become a breeding ground for us if we are not careful. We must join hands and agree that international financial institutions need to be reformed, because Africa is no longer a land of economic plunder, but a place rich with talented people, ready to invest and cooperate.

We have all the human and natural resources we need between our two countries. We can work together in a mutually beneficial way to enrich our populations. The South African mining industry can play a role in Nigeria’s solid mineral development sector. Your business community is doing a great job” Nigeria Telecom. Our lands are rich in mineral resources and you have good expertise in this area. We hope as brotherly and sisterly countries to provide jobs and mutually beneficial results in this field,” affirmed the President.

Referring to President Tinubu’s swift implementation of what he called courageous” economic reforms, the South African president agreed that the two countries can jointly create more wealth through a close and intentional partnership and leverage each other’s strengths.

The South African president said: “We are the two major economies on the African continent and it is very important to deepen our economic ties, especially in light of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement. We are very keen to deepen our economic relations.”

The South African president stressed that history has proven that when Nigeria and South Africa are like-minded, the two countries can move the world forward on issues of common concern.

We would like to see Nigeria and South Africa working closely together on many issues because whenever we work together we make a global impact through these common positions. As long as we work together we can move the Global South forward Development. We are a South African, the president stressed: “Our wealth has been plundered. Rich countries make a lot of money from us, and we must find partners who can help us advance our interests. ”

Recognizing President Tinubu’s effective leadership as Chairman of the ECOWAS Heads of State Authority, the South African leader said Southern Africa needed to emulate the spirit of unity shown by West Africa following the Niger crisis.

We believe that we can learn a lot from ECOWAS and its unity in reaching consensus positions on sub-regional matters. In light of events in Mozambique and elsewhere, we seek to emulate this in the Southern African sub-region .” President Ramaphosa said…

Joint Nigerian Army and Police Forces Encounter IPOB/ESN Fighters in Abia, Enugu…Blow up hideouts, recover artillery pieces

Joint forces of the 82nd Division of the Nigerian Army and the Nigeria Police neutralized three combatants of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and its armed affiliate, the Eastern Security Network (ESN), during a fierce encounter in the early hours of 2019 during a clearing operation personnel. Monday, September 18, 2023, in Igboro Forest between Arochukwu and Ohafia Local Government Areas of Abia State.

After winning a fire battle, troops waste no time
Several horrific camps used by members of the group to commit heinous crimes were destroyed.

The camps were eventually discovered after weeks of credible surveillance revealed that IPOB/ESN was using the forest as a combat training ground for its members and as a base for planning and launching attacks on targeted civilians, security personnel and government installations in the state.

While further exploring the camp, the heroic troops seized some weapons, ammunition, etc. Items recovered include an improvised 16 Multiple Barrel Rocket Launcher (MBRL) gun, an improvised 12 MBRL gun, an improvised 6 MBRL gun, an AK 47 rifle, a Dane gun, 6 locally made rocket launchers, four improvised explosive devices, five jacket fragments, a Storm radio, military camouflage uniforms and a number of assorted amulets.

A similar development occurred in the early hours of this morning, September 18, 2023, when the same troops of the 82nd Division, operating in coordination with the Nigeria Police Force, acting on credible intelligence, busted the IPOB/ESN hideout at Ezioha Mgbowo, August District Enugu State.
As the armed fighters were perfecting plans to enforce the region’s illegal stay-at-home order, vigilant troops descended on them.

However, the armed fighters opened fire when they saw the troops approaching their camp, but were defeated in the ensuing firefight. The troops counterattacked with overwhelming firepower, killing three militants while the others fled in confusion. . Troops recovered three pump-action guns and ten machetes from the fleeing militants.

The public is implored to continue to provide credible information to the Nigerian Army and other security agencies to enhance the fight against terrorist insurgency and other criminal activities.

Onyema Nwachukwu
director of army public relations
September 18, 2023

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