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Governor Mallam Omar Namadi said we will take effective measures to ensure economic growth in Jigawa State

Governor Mallam Omar Namadi said we will take effective measures to ensure economic growth in Jigawa State

Jigawa Governor Mallam Umar Namadi said the state government is planning to appoint senior officials to manage the activities of its ministries and agencies to implement the government’s commitment to enhance the economic value of Jigawa. state.

The governor stated this while delivering his opening remarks at a two-day capacity building workshop organized for members of the Jigawa State Executive Council and other senior government officials in Kaduna State on Monday.

The event was organized in partnership with PERL-ARC Program and FCDO under the theme “Providing Community Development and Economic Development for the Development of Jigawa State”.

Governor Namadi extended a warm welcome to the attendees, emphasized the good cooperation with development organizations such as FCDO, UNICEF, Save the Children, and praised their contributions to governing Jigawa State and serving the people. .

The Governor also encouraged all participants and commented on the challenges the state faces despite its success in various areas over the years.

He expressed concern about the lack of critical information on human development in the state. As he explained in his statement, despite great achievements, these challenges remain.

Governor Namadi highlighted the need to reform the planning process in the state and highlighted the importance of improving the lives of people in Jigawa State and having a meaningful impact on land surveying.

Governor Namadi therefore requested all participants to commit themselves to the management of the project as the issues discussed were very important for the success of the activities at the departmental level and across government. He expressed optimism about the results of his efforts and his contribution to achieving positive development in Jigawa State.

Hermes Muhammad Gumail,
Chief Information Secretary to the Governor of Jigawa.
September 18, 2023

Sani Maikatanga from Kano State wins international photography competition

Malam Muhammad Sani, popularly known as Maikatanga, has won the international photography competition titled Wiki Loves Africa 2023.

Maikatanga is happy with the success he has achieved as a native of Kano State.

The photographer won the competition with a photo taken during flooding in Jigawa State, Oyo local government.

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