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Governor Bala Kauran Bauchi distributes food trailers, billions to poor people in Bauchi State

Governor Bara distributes food trailers, billions to poor people in Bauchi State

Bauchi State Governor, Senator Bala Abdulkader Mohammed, has spearheaded the launch of the support distribution drive to alleviate the pain caused by the withdrawal of fuel, food and financial support to communities.

Governor Bala, while launching the aid distribution ceremony, said the government had constituted a committee under his deputy to develop appropriate plans to enable all communities in Bauchi State to benefit from the aid.

He said the federal government had announced the release of N5 billion and five trailers of food to various states in the country, with the Bauchi State Government allocating N2 billion, while the remaining N3 billion was said to be allocated to the Bauchi State Government . Providing food to states.

Governor Bala Mohammed said the Bauchi State Government has allocated an additional N2 billion to purchase about 90,000 bags of rice, which have been distributed to each constituency and polling units will receive 12 bags of rice and each local government will count the number of constituencies . Her rice should be delivered to her while the N2 billion given by the federal government is estimated to be used to cover N680 million for the 2023 holidays and N800 million for severance pay for the 2023 holidays. Employees (Gratuity) in 2023, with N500 million allocated to elderly state employees and N300 million to elderly local government employees.

Then there is the cash transfer fund of three hundred and twenty-five million naira.
Apolitical women and youth groups will benefit from N76 million while 1,000 maternity nurses in Bauchi State will benefit from N60 million for six months.

The governor also said that 10 buses with a capacity of 36 persons have been purchased to transport students from Bauchi, Azare, Misau and Ningi towns to high schools, while transport vehicles will be purchased within the towns.

He said proper systems were in place to ensure that what was done fell into the hands of those who did it for them, which was why the government appointed the Emir of Bauchi, His Excellency Dr Rilwanu Suleiman Adamu, to lead plans to implement The allocation of grants will be carried out by the electoral centre, while local government council heads and other rulers and religious leaders will ensure that everyone who deserves support receives justice.

Then-governor Bala Abdulkadir said that while the federal government had provided food for the remaining 3 billion people, distribution to communities would continue.

He then thanked the President for considering the situation communities find themselves in and rallying state governments to support them.

In his remarks, Chairman of the Distribution Planning Committee, Bauchi State Deputy Governor, Rt. His Excellency Auwal Muhammad Jatau said the committee considered the past programs of the Bauchi State Government to support communities with funds and received recommendations to issue an allocation system and thanked the governor for seeing their suitability and assigning tasks to them. Many thanks also go to the other members of the committee.

In his remarks, the Emir of Bauchi, His Highness Dr. Rilwanu Suleiman Adamu, assured the Governor that he and other rulers were paying attention to the success of the distribution project as planned.

During the meeting, the governor and deputy governor joined parents across the country in handing over bags of rice to those in need, especially those with special needs, along with a cash check for Ten Thousand Naira.


The Governor of Jigawa State, Malam Umar Namadi FCA, has initiated the distribution of one billion and eighty million naira (1,080,000,000) for the distribution of 27 poor local governments across the state.

… Similarly, the Governor has again launched the distribution of food to the people of the state, 47,412 thousand bags of rice, 33,229 thousand boxes of pasta and 8,300 thousand bags of corn.

Today Friday the Governor of Jigawa State, Malam Umar Namadi, FCA, has launched the distribution of 10,000 Naira to 4,000 people in all 27 local governments across the state, amounting to one billion Naira and 1,080,000,000. The launch of the new grant took place in the local government of Gumel.

The governor has also started distributing two billion naira 47,412 bags of rice, where 3,000 households will benefit in each municipality and pasta worth more than 900 million naira, about 33,229 cartons and 8,300 thousand bags of maize.

If you don’t remember, a few days ago the governor distributed ten trailers of food, he also distributed 50k Naira to 10,000 women, after the first meal he distributed another one, and today he started distributing the one that is better than the last one, to reduce the poverty of the poor people of the state. the cost of living that they are in, the pain of removing the fuel subsidy.

Amb Muhammad Salisu Seeker
Special Assistant to the Governor of Jigawa State in the field of printing, broadcasting and photography.

Maguire’s mother complains about the abuse of the player

By Abubakar Shehu Dokoki


The mother of the player of Manchester United, Harry Maguire complained about the way of saying unpleasant words to the player, which she described as disappointing and unpleasant.

His mother said, “As a mother, the way in which unpleasant words are said to him, which come from followers, and the way of communication is something that I will never accept, it is a sad thing to say to a person who always wishes and his team and his country.

She said, “There was a time when I was watching his game, and I heard some of the comments, which were made not on the basis of evidence, and not on the right”.

I know in life, especially in football, there are times of challenges, but what is being done to him is beyond imagination.

In my place, what is done to him is often appreciated, and it is enough, I do not hope that in the future some parents will see their children being treated like this, especially the young ones

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