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We are in a difficult situation, so we are calling on the rich to help the poor around them, says the Emir of Kano

We are in a difficult situation, so we are calling on the rich to help the poor around them, says the Emir of Kano

His Highness the Emir of Kano, Aminu Ado Bayero, made this statement on Saturday evening to the media to celebrate World AIDS Day. He added that there are houses that spend two to three days without having anything to eat because of poverty.

And he called on the wealthy to persist in helping the needy regardless of their religion, caste or religion.

He said that one day there will be news Despite the economic pressure and the high cost of living, the Emir of Kano has given confidence that this will not last forever, the Emir said that one day this hardship will be forgotten of rising tuition fees and food prices.


Mallam Dikko Ummaru Radda’s Rulership Continues To Adopt A New Style To Improve The Life Of Poor People In Katsina State No Night No Day

Mallam Dikko Radda Becomes the Leader of the People of Katsina State Check Out the Style He Takes to Check Out and Restore Katsina State in a Good Plan to Improve the Lives of the Poor People of Katsina State

The security work in Katsina state with the power of God will improve soon, considering the style that Mallam Dikko Ummaru Radda has taken to bring equipment to support the security work in Katsina state

During the Election Campaign, Mallam Dikko Ummaru Radda assured the people of Katsina State that there will be no night or day to improve development in Katsina State.

Kwalia will surely pay for soap in Mallam Dikko Ummaru Radda’s education department in Katsina state

Daura Zone Mallam Dikko Ummaru Radda Takes Dimurkul Na Mai Adu Town in Local Government to Build a High Quality School

In Funtua Zone, Mallam Dikko Radda took over Jikamshi town of Musawa local government to build a modern school that will be effective.

In Katsina Zone, Mallam Dikko Ummaru Radda Will Build Such A Good School In Radda Town For Good Education In Katsina State

Malam Dikko Ummaru Radda We Will Continue To Wish You Good Luck For Success In Katsina State Even If The Enemies For The Development Of Katsina State Are Not We Hope God Will Improve The Life Of Malam Dikko Radda For The Development Of Katsina State.

Two people were shot at a food distribution center in the town of Rijuu in Niger State


We are now getting news of this incident in Sale Mai Agogo Constituency in Rijuu Central Ward.

It happened around 3:00 a.m. when the security forces fired, and the bullet hit a child and an old woman.

Now the child and the women have been rushed to hospital, one to Kauna Hospital in Rijau District, and the other to Hamdala Hospital.

Until now, the doctors of these hospitals have not touched any of them, except for the water that they tied to them, because there is no leader or leader who attended this hospital.

As the doctor of Hamdala hospital said, he cannot make this boy work, but he has to give him water, and then take him to the main hospital.

We call on the elders of Rijau to fear God and reach out to these people, support them, and do a proper investigation on who shot and why he shot, because the people are one of the refugees, it is said They are the people of Inana village.

God has given the power to help.

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