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In recent years, Amapiano has become one of the most popular genres of music in South Africa, and beyond. Asake is one of the most exciting new acts in this scene and he recently released a “Live Session” of his hit song “Lonely At The Top.” In this blog post, we will explore this track, and its implications for the Amapiano genre as a whole.

Asake is a Nigerian-born artist who has been making waves in the South African music scene. He has been hailed as one of the rising stars of Amapiano, a genre of music that blends elements of house, jazz, and kwaito, among other styles. “Lonely At The Top” is one of his most popular tracks, and its “Live Session” version has been making waves online.

The “Live Session” of “Lonely At The Top” has a raw energy and authenticity that is not always present in studio recordings. It is a testament to the talent of Asake and his band, who manage to capture the spirit of the song in a live performance. The song itself is characterized by its driving rhythms, catchy hooks, and infectious energy. It speaks to the feeling of loneliness that can come with success, and the pressure that comes with being at the top of your game.

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Asake_-_Amapiano___Lonely_At_The_Top__Live_Session Audio Mp3.

In many ways, Asake’s music represents the best of the Amapiano genre. It is innovative, fresh, and draws on a diverse range of influences. It is also deeply rooted in the African musical tradition, with a focus on rhythm and groove. As a result, Amapiano has become a truly global phenomenon, with fans from all over the world discovering this vibrant and exciting genre.

Overall, the “Live Session” of “Lonely At The Top” by Asake is a must-watch for anyone who is a fan of Amapiano and innovative new music. It showcases the talent of a rising star in the South African music scene, and it is sure to leave you tapping your toes and craving more. So, if you haven’t had a chance to check out this track yet, be sure to do so – you won’t be disappointed!


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