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EFCC convicts four Internet scammers in Kaduna

EFCC Press Release

EFCC convicts four Internet scammers in Kaduna

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission Kaduna Regional Command EFCC has convicted Laban Samson, Shedrack James, Ankale James, Sylvanus and Nnadi Uchechukwu before Judge A.A. Ishaka and Darius Kobobo, both of the Kaduna State High Court, were each charged with one count of cheating by impersonation.

The defendants were arrested in various parts of Kaduna in connection with internet-related fraudulent activities, posing as foreigners and using that identity to defraud unsuspecting victims.

The charge reads: “You, Laban Samson (aka Amber Gavin), male, sometime in December 2022, in Kaduna under the jurisdiction of this Court of Honor, when you sold a fake festive event to Megyn Kelly on Facebook Tickets, by pretending to be Amber Gavin et al. to obtain a gift card worth three hundred and sixty United States of America (USA) dollars ($360.00) from Megyn Kelly to purchase said tickets, you are therefore committing impersonation and cheating in violation of Section 308 of the Kaduna Act, National Penal Code, 2017, can be punished under section 309 of the Act.

“You, Shedrack James (aka Chen Zang) were in Kaduna, within the jurisdiction of this Court of Honor, sometime in June 2023, with the intent to pass yourself off as Chen through a “Green App” (online social media application) Zang is committing fraud and the impersonator defrauded a Wulingwa (Chinese citizen) out of a total of 1,500 RMB, you are therefore committing an offense against Section 308 of the Kaduna State Penal Code 2017 and can be punished under Section 309 of that Act.

“You, Ankale James Sylvanus (aka Alice Gartman), committed a summary offense in Kaduna, within the jurisdiction of this Court of Honor sometime in July 2023; Alice Gartman, in this impersonation, defrauded Aaron Snyder out of a total of $100.00 (one hundred dollars) via email account;, You have therefore committed a violation of offense under section 308 of the Kaduna State Penal Code, 2010 and shall be punishable under section 309 of the same law.

“You, Uchechukwu Nnadi (aka Rukayat Hamed), male, sometime in June 2023, in Kaduna, within the jurisdiction of this Court of Honor, impersonated a Rukayat Hamed on Facebook and received from Arfan Munrat Got a $96 gift card for a relationship, so you are deceiving by impersonating, which is an offense against Section 308 of the Penal Code of Kaduna State 2017 and is punishable under Section 309 of the same law”.

When the charges were read to them, they both pleaded guilty, prompting prosecutors E.K Garba and M.U Gadaka to urge the court to convict them accordingly.

Judge Ishaka was convicted and sentenced Samson, James and Sylvanus to two years in prison with an option to fine each of N150, 000.00 and confiscate an iPhone XR, a Samsung S9+ and another Samsung phone used as a tool of the crime , submitted to the Federal Government of Nigeria through EFCC.

Judge Khobo also convicted and sentenced Uchechukwu to two years in jail or fined N150, 000.00.

The criminals will also confiscate a Gionee mobile phone from the Nigerian federal government.


EFCC Press Release

Why the NBA opposed the EFCC in Ilorin

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) was brought to the attention of a press statement jointly signed by Aishat Omotayo Temim, Acting Chairman of the Ilorin Chapter of the Nigerian Bar Association, and Ridwan Musa, Advocacy Secretary, which drew attention to what they said was accusations against EFCC Ilorin The Forest Regional Command did not respect the rule of law and requested the removal of the Regional Commander.

Without prejudice to the right of members of the Bar Association, as well as the right of any Nigerian to express grievances, the Committee expresses concern over the selection of one of its members by the NBA Ilorin Chapter, Suleiman Toyin Yahaya The moment the Lorraine command detained was appalled by the alleged tampering of statements by suspects under investigation, launching a media attack on the command and its leadership.

To all intents and purposes this smacked of blackmail and a disguised attempt to intimidate the Ilorin Command of the Council into unconscionable compliance.

As an NBA branch that bills itself as an advocate of the rule of law and ethical behaviour, the Ilorin branch of the NBA has remained appallingly silent on the alleged criminal conduct of its members detained under a valid remand order and has command is released.

Equally worrisome, the NBA found it easy to blame EFCC personnel for the unprofessional conduct of its members in matters of legal representation of criminal suspects. Legal representation of suspects is outside the remit of the EFCC.

While the Commission is willing to investigate allegations of unprofessional conduct by any of its personnel, those making such allegations must provide evidence.

However, it must be emphasized that the Commission, as a product of the law, operates within the law and, to date, EFCC’s operations in Ilorin have not violated any laws.

Wilson Uujarun
Media and Publicity Director
April 8, 2023

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