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Latest NPower News: Urgent Announcement for Batch C Beneficiaries – 28th July Nasims Stipend Payment.

Latest NPower News: Urgent Announcement for Batch C Beneficiaries – 28th July Nasims Stipend Payment.

Latest NPower News

Latest NPower News: Urgent Announcement for Batch C Beneficiaries – 28th July Nasims Stipend Payment.

Introduction: Greetings, Batch C NPower beneficiaries! We bring you the latest and most urgent updates on your stipend payment and crucial database update. As the Nasims portal continues to evolve, it is essential to stay informed about the recent developments that will impact your NPower journey positively. Read on to ensure you don’t miss out on any important information!

Nasims Stipend Payment Update: We understand how crucial the stipend payments are for your livelihood, and we are thrilled to announce that the 28th of July marks the day for the release of your monthly stipends! The NPower management has successfully processed the payments, and they will reflect in your registered bank accounts within the next few days. Please keep an eye on your account and contact your bank if you encounter any delays.

Urgent Announcement: The NPower team has some vital announcements to share with all Batch C beneficiaries. As the program continues, certain updates and changes are being made to enhance the overall experience for you. We highly recommend visiting the official Nasims portal regularly and keeping an eye on your registered email address for any important communication from the NPower team.

Abuja Database Update: To further improve the NPower program’s efficiency and ensure accurate record-keeping, the Abuja database is undergoing a significant update. This update aims to enhance the management of beneficiary data, making it easier for you to access relevant information and resources. We kindly request all Batch C beneficiaries to cooperate with the NPower team and provide any requested information promptly. Rest assured, all your data will be handled securely and in accordance with data protection regulations.

Latest NPower News

The National Investment Management Agency (NASIMS) has directed beneficiaries of the Federal Government scheme not to update any details on their new NASIMS website like this.

Latest NPower News: The Npower Board stated this while addressing the beneficiaries through its Facebook and Twitter handles. According to the State Investment Service (NASIMS), the order follows attempts by some beneficiaries to change their NASIMS details on the NASIMS SSP Portal.

Remember that NASIMS has developed a comprehensive self-service system to facilitate the administration of the four-tier National Investment Program (NSIP), with new and improved features, ensuring that beneficiaries navigate the portal and receive all the necessary tasks easily.

The migration process to the new NASIMS SSP portal has created tension among the beneficiaries as there have been many complaints of non-access to the portal, as well as data corruption seen by some beneficiaries who have accessed the portal.

Latest NPower News

NASIMS has advised the beneficiaries of the program not to enter information in their SSP NASIMS database, saying that the information in the Abuja database is currently being uploaded.

The Npower Board added that when the migration process is completed, all those who have benefited from the previous information will appear on their NASIMS SSP Profile page.

While clarifying (NASIMS) he asked the beneficiaries to be patient while the team of experts completed the migration work to make the station work properly.


As valued members of the NPower program, staying updated with the latest news is crucial for your seamless journey. The Nasims portal is your go-to platform for all official communications and program-related updates. Don’t forget to check your registered email regularly and keep your eyes peeled for any urgent announcements. Meanwhile, rejoice as your stipend payments are being processed and will soon reach your bank accounts.

Thank you for your dedication and hard work as NPower Batch C beneficiaries. We wish you all the best in your endeavors, and we look forward to witnessing your growth and success throughout the program. Stay informed, stay empowered!

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