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My fans, please stop insulting Davido as he removes Islam abusive videos, says Ali Nuhu

My fans, please stop insulting Davido as he removes Islam abusive videos, says Ali Nuhu


Ali Nuhu, shame on you, says Jamilu Yacasse

from Ali Kano

Actor Ali Nuhu deleted the video from his social media pages, calling on his fans to stop insulting singer Davido on social media for his abuse of Islam.

Yesterday, Fim magazine reported on the controversy after Davido released a video for a song by new singer Logos Olori, some of whom were shown as Muslims, breaking prayers in a mosque and joining in the dance to his song.

Davido, who produced the song, posted the video on Twitter and Instagram, prompting him to be cursed and insulted by Cannywood and others on social media, including Ali Nohu.

But Ali said he should be allowed because he deleted the video.

In a message posted on Instagram, the actor thanked the singer for hearing the call for action.

He said in English: “Thank you @davido for deleting that post, and for all who were offended by his post, please let love guide you. I have nothing against anyone personally, but please I appeal to all fans to stop trolling, calling or insulting. Thank you.”

His caption read: “Thank you for deleting this message, Davido. To all who are distressed by his message, please let this pass. Let’s let love prevail. Personally, I don’t disagree with anyone’s position, but I call on all fans to stop talking, insulting or name-calling. Thank you.”

Many people supported Ali’s statement, but some said it was not true.

Actor and producer Jamilu Yakasai (“Dakandaka”) told Ali Nohu his message was disgraceful.

Alin’s friend Jamilu told him in English: “It’s a disgrace to post Davido’s photo and thank him at this moment because he’s not the one who deleted the post, which was deleted by Instagram, and even (if) he was the one who deleted (it), he (also) doesn’t deserve the post @realalinuhu.”

The translation of the message read: “It’s a disgrace that you posted Davido’s photo, I thank him now because he didn’t delete the message, it was Instagram that deleted it, and even if he did, he didn’t deserve this message, Ali Nuhu.”

Ali gave him an answer immediately, saying, “Let’s understand this, Jamiloo, our religion does not support what you write here. This is your point of view. We should show Islam well. Some people were polytheists before our Holy Prophet came, but then they came back and accepted Islam. Are they rejected? Mistakes are human, but forgiveness is God’s.”

Likewise, discussions on Ali Nuhu’s Instagram page and elsewhere on the subject continue.


Man who tried to plant bomb at Atiku home in Adamawa was arrested


A Boko Haram terrorist came to the home of Nigerian Political Leader and Adamawa Minister Alhaj Atiku Abubakar in Duguire, Yola State, Adamawa State at around 9pm yesterday and was arrested.

Responding to questions, the terrorists stated that five of them were sent to Yola with orders to bomb Atiku’s home, the American University of Nigeria, Atiku University, and another place that I will not mention here.

The terrorist, who said his name was Jibril Mohammad, 29 years old, said he and the men sent from Damboa Town, Borno State, were arrested and are now in the hands of the Hardinge Army Battalion in Operation Adamawa.

Lord, please protect our leaders from all evil.


 Nigerian govt want Sale it refinery to businessman

Author: Comr Abba Sani Pantami

NNPC is planning to mortgage government refineries including Port Harcourt, Kaduna and Warri to someone capable of managing them.

If they implement this plan, I’m sure the Nigerian government is not looking to provide simple fuel to the poor in Nigeria, but is looking for a way for the government to continue to get more money than it currently has.

Because fixing up government refineries is a good way for oil in Nigeria, but leaving oil in the hands of businessmen, I believe if it is not for God’s protection, as long as they don’t refund oil subsidies, we will continue to suffer without end.

God have mercy on us, what happened to us now, not to mention that we have fallen into the hands of merchants again. If every Nigerian knew the consequences of doing this, I am sure no one would be happy about it.


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