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APC Threat to PEPC Subversive, Preemptive Action to Intimidate the Judiciary Said PDP Leades.

APC Threat to PEPC Subversive, Preemptive Action to Intimidate the Judiciary

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) claims that lawyers have written to the Presidential Election Petitions Court (PEPC) against Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and the entire Progressive Congress Party ( APC). The threats contained in the written speech were a pre-emptive attempt to intimidate the judiciary. .

The lawyers’ statement in the aforementioned written address threatening to plunge the country into crisis and anarchy if the court rules that their clients fall short of the 25 percent vote required by the Federal Capital Territory’s (FCT) constitution is subversive and yes Yes, it’s an insult to the country. Democratic order and attacks on the existence of state-owned enterprises.

It is shocking and disturbing that the APC released their final written address to the public, in which they also threatened the peace of the country, should the Court uphold the express provisions of Article 134 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended) in 1999, the Presidential Election Declaring a candidate the winner is a mandatory and statutory requirement.

These threats, whether through lawyers or APC officials, are designed to intimidate and harass the judiciary and even Nigerians.

The People’s Democratic Party believes that the apparent intention of the APC is to blackmail the courts and weaken the independence of the judiciary in carrying out its duties in accordance with the law. The move was ostensibly to orchestrate a violent crisis across the country to further blackmail the PEPC.

Why, we ask, does the APC release their final written speeches to the public? Is the APC preemptively aware of the weaknesses in the PEPC case, and is now trying to escalate tensions, upend the judicial process, and spark anarchy?

However, the People’s Democratic Party warned and emphasized that Nigeria is a country ruled by law. The Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 (as amended) and the Elections Act 2022 clearly set out the statutory requirements for the winner of the presidential election.

Therefore, the Supreme People’s Court must respect legal provisions and allow the judiciary to perform its duties independently, free from threats, intimidation and coercion.

Contrary to the doomsday assertions of the National People’s Congress and its lawyers, adhering to the provisions of the Constitution and laws at this time will instead promote the peace and stability of the regime, deepen our democracy, and strengthen people’s confidence in the judiciary.

The PDP called on Nigerians to remain calm, vigilant and hopeful in the judiciary’s ability to deliver justice.


Honey. Debo Ologunagba
national publicity secretary

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