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The gunman problem is different from the Niger Delta

The gunman problem is different from the Niger Delta


“Terrorists in the Naija Delta area have plagued Nigeria in recent years through terrorism and oil pipeline explosions. Their oil operations in the area are destroying farms and the environment. Unlike the bandits in Northwest Nigeria who are intimidating for no reason, this is bandits and Niger. The main difference between the peoples of the delta”.

This is what former Zafara State Judicial Commissioner Baladen Gumi Haji Mohammad Sani Takori said in a phone conversation with our Kaduna reporter.

Takori added that because of the mission of the people of the Niger Delta, he offered an easy way for the then federal government led by the late President Umaru Yar’A’dua to live with them until a peace deal was reached, the bandits did not . They have a tolerable goal, so those who think that the problem of banditry is the same as the problem of the people of the Niger Delta are wrong.

Sani Takori, a former federal MP who represents the Gumi and Bukuyum local governments in the National Assembly, praised the measures taken by Zamfarah’s government in fighting terrorists, but said not only the government but everyone should be involved. Should not be involved. The role he should play in achieving success.

Regarding the Senate leadership contest, His Excellency Sani Thakori said that Senator Abdulaziz Yari, former Governor of Zafara, had to be commended for his courage in returning the leadership of the Senate to the North West Territories. , showing that he was a real son. This is patriotic politics, this is patriotic politics.

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