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Ganduje success is related to his service to the server of God

Ganduje success is related to his service to the server of God

Shamsu Kwaska’s point of view

Some want former Kano governor Dr Abdullahi Umar Ganduje to humiliate or humiliate him.

But then they forget that Allah is everything and He forbids evil intentions and wants the Muslim Brotherhood to get into trouble. Even Allah’s Messenger S.A.W said “Muslims are brothers of Muslims”.

However, some of them are ignorant, some are jealous of them and have bad wishes towards Muslims.

Poor people forget that Ganduja even before he became the governor had started a foundation to help infidels convert to Islam and perform free eye surgery.

This foundation (Ganduje Foundation) has applied the religion of God and the color of Ganduje since he worked for the government, this foundation has been around for many years.

I believe that God said that he will protect those who serve his religion, so I don’t think Baba Gandujay has done good deeds, God will not give anyone a chance to insult him.

By the power of Allah, Allah will not give victory to those who want to shame Baba Gandujah.

Our congratulations Baba Ganduje, you will be on the list to cook for the President. God has given you the ability to bear burdens.

People should blame me, Ganduje has no charges now directly in EFFC but in PCACC in Kano state and PCACC has not raised the power to appoint ministers.

There are ex-governors and ex-ministers in the EFCC who have had many allegations and all audits affect them.

We hope that God will choose a pastor who is sympathetic to us and maybe they will help us out of our current predicament.

~ When a person says bad things about Ganduje because he lacks respect and it is wrong to lie, do you feel bad for him? Anyone who has followed me on my page for years knows that even when I don’t like a guy, I write about him. I try to tell the truth about him because it is justice.

By God’s power, you will do what is right where you are.


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