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Inspector General Contradict the order to withdraw police, state’s elite security forces

Inspector General rejects order to withdraw police, state’s elite security forces

Police chief Kayode Egbetokun denied he had ordered the withdrawal of all Morpole police guarding the country’s top dignitaries.

It should be remembered that a police bulletin was circulating on police social media that the police had allegedly withdrawn from some senior politicians and their families.

However, a statement signed yesterday by National Police Force spokesman Olumuyiwa Ajobi said the statement was false and did not come from the National Police Force (NPF).

“It is worth noting that the notice is for the police signaling system as it has the signature of the Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), which is not very official as signs of the situation are usually signed by the ACP Deputy Commissioner. It was people who planned, not senior officials,” the statement said.

The statement also said that the Inspector-General of Police has ordered an investigation into those who spread rumors and that they will be punished if found.

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