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Four Yahoo boys jailed for two years in Kaduna

Four Yahoo boys jailed for two years in Kaduna.

Emmanuel Ogbu (aka Ewelina Ruminska), Cornelius Oyathekhua (aka Collins Fredrick), Daniel Emmanuel (aka Bob Matson) and Timmy Ebenezer of EFCC, Kaduna Regional Economic and Financial Crimes Command, Kaduna State, before Judge Darius Khobo Convicted and prosecuted. Nasdaq High Court Fraud Case.

The charges against Cornelius Oyathekhua are as follows: “Cornelius Oyathekhua (aka Collins Frederick), male, at Kaduna under the jurisdiction of this Court of Honor sometime in May 2023, impersonated Collins on Facebook (online social media application) Frederick (U.S. Army Constable), you have committed a Code of Criminal Procedure offense by defrauding her of $300 (Three Hundred U.S. Dollars) while reconciling with Armand Lawler and knowing the relationship was false , offense under Section 308 of the Kaduna State Penal Code, 2017 and may be punished under Section 309 of the Act”.

Regarding Daniel Emmanuel, the charge states: “Daniel Emmanuel, also known as Bob Matteson, appeared before the Judicial Division of the Kaduna High Court sometime in June 2023, falsely representing himself as You are Bob Mattson, a citizen of the United States of America, with intent to defraud the United States of America (United States) and using this false identity to defraud unsuspecting victims of $200 (Two Hundred Dollars) on Instagram, you have committed an offense under the Kaduna State Penal Code 2017 offenses under section 142 of the same law”

The accused who were arrested at various locations in Kaduna admitted the charges against them. Therefore, the prosecution lawyers E.K. Garba, M.E Eimonye, ​​Y.J Matiyak and M.U Gadaka urged the court to convict them accordingly.

Judge Cobo convicted and sentenced them each to two years in prison or a fine of 150,000 naira. They will also further confiscate all proceeds of crime and equipment seized from the Nigerian federal government.

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