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People say I never said I will contest in 2027 – Peter Obi

People say I never said I will contest in 2027 – Peter Obi

The 2023 Labor Party presidential candidate Peter Obie has denied media reports that he wants to contest the 2027 presidential election.

The presidential candidate also denied that he spoke to anyone who was given the job of the federal government.

Obi, who is also the former governor of Anambra, disclosed this in a statement he posted on his Twitter account in Lagos on Saturday.

The presidential candidate revealed all the false reports and expressed his displeasure with the deterioration of Nigeria’s politics, saying that the media is currently being used to tell lies.

“I noticed a concern, a situation that appeared, that fake news is being prepared in the media by using information and discussions from someone on television,” he said.

“The two recent events involved me doing an interview with Arise TV saying that I think I will run for office in 2027, which has never happened, and the second thing is that I am talking about people who will get a job in the government. communion. and I also did not get through these words,” he said.

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