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President Tinubu Was Advised To Deal With The Complaints Of The Enemies In The Media

President Tinubu Was Advised To Deal With The Complaints Of The Enemies In The Media

…the enemies and the assassins are taking responsibility for the trouble to destroy Mele Kyari

The Justice League in Nigeria (TLA) has called on President Bola Tinubu to ignore the calls of those it has identified as those hired to discredit and suppress the good works of the NNPC CEO. of the country Mr. Mele Kyari is doing.

In a statement issued by the group which was distributed to the press in the Federal City of Abuja, the President of the group, Dr. Musa Adam stated that there was a campaign to sponsor the spread of bad news about Mele Kyari since the incident of the dismissal of the former Governor of the National Bank Emefiele.

Adam stated that the storm of war against the NNPC and Mele Kyari in the media started after the discovery of oil in Gombe and Bauchi states which was inaugurated by the President in November 2022 and the oil extraction project that happened recently. in Obi/Keana area of ​​Nasarawa State on the 21st of March 2023.

The announcement stated that such a manly effort by Malam Mele Kyari in the Presidency of NNPC is something that will never be forgotten to move the country forward.

They also stated that “Kyari has created a road map in order to adapt to modern times which has helped to achieve the success of his leadership which has become an example and example.” Every month, the NNPC company publishes everything that comes in or goes out of the company in the modern media, which has never happened in the history of the Nigerian economy.

The group described the Chairman of the NNPC as a person of perfection and order and on the other hand he is a Muslim man who fears God who sacrifices his wealth to help the poor people in the country.

They also urged President Tinubu to abandon all the enemies and slanderers who are spreading false news in the newspapers in order to create enmity between the President and the Chairman of the NNPC at the same time that Nigeria is trying to get out of economic pressure.

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