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God job done: Court reinstates Mahdi as Zamfarah’s deputy governor

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Gama’s job done: Court reinstates Mahdi as Zamfarah’s deputy governo

The Federal High Court of Abuja on Wednesday today ordered the reinstatement of Mahdi Ali Gusau as Lieutenant Governor of Zafara State after being impeached by the State Assembly on February 23, 2022, despite a court order prohibiting the removal of lower legs.

However, Judge Inyang Ekwo in his ruling also undermined all steps taken by Parliament, former governor Belo Matawale and state judges to impeach Gussau during the submission of the case to the court.

Judge Ekovo said what was done by then-Speaker, ex-Governor, Chief Justice and others is now rendered useless, calling it “defunct and ineffective”.

Ekovo said he has seen no grounds or legal evidence to impeach the lieutenant governor.

However, the Nigerian Hausa Daily understands that although the court reinstated Mahdi, he is currently not entitled to serve as deputy governor since he was awarded the post in the 2023 election.

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