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Every well educated woman will never fill her body just to impress a boy

Every well educated woman will never fill her body just to impress a boy

By Abba Sani Pantami

We should know that every smart man who wants to marry an educated woman, God, he will never pay attention to the beauty of a young woman, especially if the young woman has a religious education, because he will marry for her education she.

Generally, if you notice all the young women who try to show their body parts to men, most of them are like Aura (lie meets lie) after marriage, after a few days, you will see conflict.

This happened to a friend of mine last year and I knew he would read this post, he was in town for a party and he was worried he had met a young woman who was so full of love and he was very impressed Deep, he takes her phone number and they start dating. Are you married?

After a day of acquaintance, there was a conflict between them, and his parents intervened. He couldn’t help it, and finally had to break up. They apologize to you, you can’t bear it, he said gosh, he can’t think of her as his wife, because she hurt him, cheated on him, no matter how much he wanted to see her, he didn’t see her, every time he Looking at her, they all bring great sadness. In his mind, he tried to be patient, but he couldn’t.

These kinds of questions, especially in this day and age, are one of the things that can kill a marriage the most. Often, men put aside educational issues and turn to loving their bodies. I believe every man has the aura color of the woman he wants to be, maybe even the type of woman you want to be, no matter what you turn out to be, a man in the same shape as god gave you, but you haven’t had enough of him yet I love you, Ola.

I believe in God. Every man who marries a woman because of his body size only knows that everything is false after marriage. By God, he will not divorce. From then on, he will start to be patient. The main problem of female pregnancy is that it is very bad. May God guide our worries, continue to protect our faith, and give us good, self-disciplined women.

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